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Don't be afraid of change, it is leading you to a new beginning – Joyce Meyer

Once you start your Journey don’t expect anyone to notice. Don’t wait for approval, don’t wait for help and don’t expect it. That goes with the territory. It’s yours.



People who get the most approval and respect are the ones who care the least about it. Once you start being busy doing you’ll notice that you stopped concerning yourself about other people’s opinion. Advance confidently on the Journey towards your vision and dreams even if it’s against the judgment of your entourage.


Before landing

Before you finish your project, your Journey sit again with yourself and ask yourself three simple questions:

  1. Whether the thing I worked for, what I have created or contributed made any difference? Did it make my or other people’s life, job, day better? Does it really matter?
  2. Was this my most excellent performance, contribution? Did I give it my best effort or was it just a slapdash? Did I take my time to prepare it? Did I really fight and grind for it? Have I tested it? Be diligent in advance. Before you contribute think it through to make it excellent.
  3. Does it have your emotions, spirit and heart all over it? Is there motion in it? Be sure to fill your life and life of others with emotions, colors and joy again. Bring it back.



Remember it is your Journey. Don’t be surprised that many people will discount you even if you help them. What I’m going say to you now might come as a surprise but we need to accept it and it will make your Journey easier. Once people are aware of you and your work they will ignore you on purpose. Don’t expect to be encouraged or cheered. It’s yours. Than they will laugh at you and your failures. They will wait for your mistakes. If this won’t work for them and your success will grow immensely people will start to fight you. They will be threatened by your actions and your successes. But you shouldn’t have any time to worry about it.

We are all self-made but only successful once will admit it. Admit to outcomes.   



Do you hear that whisper? This is a barely audible voice in the world of fierce noise. Stop for a second. Listen up. Focus. It’s me reaching to break you out from the grasp of fear and impotence of inaction.  I genuinely believe you will take all the necessary time to get to know yourself. There is no downside to this investment and your gains can be truly magnificent.


For yourself

Wake up. I know you don’t want to. I know you are tired. I know you need to rest. I know all that but it doesn’t matter. Wake up. This is my call to you. I urge you. I ask you. I encourage you. Do it for yourself. Not for others. Not for me. Not for your friends. Not even for your family. Not for the money. Not for the accolades. No, do it for yourself.


Size of your thinking

Make the most important decision of your life. Make it NOW. Start your Journey to greatness and fulfillment. It can take you wherever you dared to envision. The only limit is the scale of your thinking. There is nothing else. How big are your thoughts?


Your recipe

The strategies and experiences you’ve learned can easily separate you from others and protect you from being mediocre but remember there is no clear recipe for success. No magic formula. No shortcut. No prescription for success. The only recipe is the one you will create for yourself. This will be the product crafted out of a tone of hard work during your Journey. Let your Journey become the most fulfilling project of your life.


Enjoy the ride

I wish it on all of you. You’re on your own Journey. You’re going after your own Vision and I wish you to be strong, persistent but what’s a lot more important find your happiness and joy.  You can live your life on your terms, on your scale right NOW and you can really enjoy it.   


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