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You are much stronger than you think - Superman

Some of the most successful people are like modern-day superheroes. Just like superheroes they are masters of performance. They operate and execute on the highest level. The only difference is they haven’t been born with those superpowers. They developed and grew them. In contradistinction to what everybody else thinks they were not born with it. It is a result of a long hours, days, months, years of learning and practice. It is postponed effect and outcome of their tenacity and courage.


Common denominator

How can we learn to constantly perform on the highest level? What do we have to know before we start to deliberately elevate on our performance? What the highest performers have in common?



There are 6 powers of high performers, you need to have if you want to reach or exceed your potential:


1. Power of clarity.

You need to have unparalleled level of clarity of who you are, who you want to be. You need to know what do you strive to achieve and experience. Learn how to treat and interact with other people to gain best outcomes. Be incredibly focused and clear about who you are, what you are after and what you should do to achieve it. The part of being clear and certain is knowing what your Journey is about, what is your vision, what are you about, what drives and excites you, what are your strengths. It allows you to make better decision and evaluate your situation more precisely. You can intentionally focus on the most important elements and eradicate all distractions. Clarity is necessary to consistently perform on the highest level.


2. Power of conviction.

Ninety percent of selling is conviction and 10 percent is persuasion -Shiv Khera.

We are all salesmen and marketers, trying to constantly influence others as well as ourselves. Most successful people are masters of influence.  To leverage anyone, you need to have deep seated conviction. It’s not about dogmatism, it’s about being fully confident in your beliefs, decisions and actions.

When I was a sales associate in a bank and I wasn’t convinced that the product that I was trying to sell is any good, it was exceptionally hard to close the deal or even get to that moment. On hand products that in my opinion were great, were fairly easy to sell. When you speak with emotions, understanding and confidence from the state of conviction people will know in their gut that they can trust you. My former boss was so convinced of about one of business product we had, that she was selling only that. She had it for herself for a few years and when you were listing to her talking about it you felt her emotions, her passion, her vision, her personal experience. She could sell it to anyone who would qualify. Anyone.


3. Power of energy.

More power gives you more options, more control over your actions and outcomes. Physical vitality and mental endurance make each day exceptional and remarkable. It’s not luck or a blessing to be full of vitality­. You can generate that energy deliberately by conditioning and controlling your physical and mental state. Pay great attention to what you put in your mouth. Pay attention what your training regimen is, how you behave, what your habits and routines are, what emotions you consume and produce. By focusing on what is most important and what you have control over, you purposely direct that energy to areas of their choosing. Be very cautious when you give away your energy, your time or your attention. Don’t let yourself or others to distract you. If you are multitasking all the time your energy gets dismembered all the time. Focus your energy on the most important things.


4. Power of courage.

You need to speak for yourself, your ideas on a daily basis. Learn to take bold actions and risks lightly. Do the things no one has done before. Speak your mind and show what you stand for with respect for others and yourself but do it decisively. Don’t let yourself be parasailed by your failures, doubts and other people’s judgments. It takes a high degree of courage to put your ideas out in the world and to express who you really are. It takes courage to say no to things that are not in line with your Journey and your vision. Learn to say No. Stick to your purpose when the whole world is judging you. Have the courage to stay on the course to your destination. It takes a lot of courage not to give up your Journey.


5. Power of influence.

If you expect great outcomes and extraordinary success, it almost always requires contributions from other people. You need to gain their attention and trust. To do it you need to be a master  of influence. High performers are exceptional with other people because they give them time, attention and respect.  If you want to influence anyone, you’ve got to recognize what is already influencing them. It will either be the state they are in or their belief and the rules they live by. To manage other people’s state, learn to manage your state first. To push other people buttons you need to learn and test them on yourself.  If you want to be that linchpin, you need to care deeply about others and make them want to reciprocate. Be the best in cheering others. Make them feel important.


 6. Power of productivity.

Produce and release more outcomes. Be more efficient and effective with your time. You can get a lot more done in the same amount of time. Would you like to reach your full potential? Would you like to make more things done?  So how productive have you been in last few weeks? Could you do more? How do you think you could do it? What do you need from yourself to be more productive? What more do you need? Write down your answers and realize where you are in relation to your potential. You could do so much more. The proof is in the pudding. Start NOW!


No one is born a with those superpowers. They can only be created by  your habits, your hustle and your grind.


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