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I love people to tell me NO. I love people to tell me DON’T. IT WON’T. It’s IMPOSSIBLE.



I’m a natural rebel. I don’t take things as they are. I don’t take people’s opinions as facts. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all entitled to our opinions but we’re not entitled to our own facts. I won’t argue. When they say the word CAN’T, I hear the word CAN. I hear the opportunity ringing in my ears. When they say the word DON’T, all a hear is DO. The word WON'T is the word WON. And the word IMPOSSIBLE is the word POSSIBLE.



To try, to do, to fail and to succeed we need self-belief. Neither of those will happen without self-belief. Some people might not believe in you but you have to believe in you. You’ve got to be your biggest cheerleader. Take that to heart, never stop believing in yourself and support who you are becoming.  


Over and over

If you will be doing the old thing over and over again, in five years you will be about where you are today. The change will not come, the world will not turn upside down, you will not become happy or successful. Nothing will ever happen by itself if you will be just doing the same things.



On the other hand, you can decide today that you’re not going to blame others anymore. No more making excuses. If you make that choice, every day becomes a day when you grow higher and stronger. Rock by rock you are becoming a mountain. You can choose to be a grain of sand on the beach or you can choose to become a rock. Your choice.



Learn to choose and don’t be afraid to lose. Learn from each of your failures but never forget about them. Learn not to make the same mistake ever again. Every time you lose at something you are one step closer to winning the next time. The difference between successful people and not successful people is people give up. People wake up every morning, they have doubts, they are afraid. They lose a minor race and they give up. The loose a battle and they give up entire journey. Giving up is easy. Choosing a way out is easy. Learning to lose is the hardest thing in life. Winning is easy. You win, you’re happy, you get a high five, your friends are happy. It’s your ability to take a loss, get up the next day, dust yourself off and keep going.



You have to have something that separates you from everybody else on Earth. Until you find out that something, you will be stressed and you will be struggling. Don’t let the words NO, IT CAN’T BE DONE, IMPOSSIBLE, DON’T, IT WON’T to poison your mind.



If there is no joy when you wake up in the morning, if you dread the sound of the alarm clock going off, if you feel stagnant, if you have the thought in your head that there has got to be more to life than this, you know what you should do? You should stop doing whatever you are doing. You will become exceptional the moment you make an exceptional decision.



Look around you. What do you see? What you see is average everywhere. Average has become an epidemic. You don’t have people living up to their potential. You have people doing almost nothing. People retreating, backing up. People that are lazy. It’s time to be different. Now is the time to start again.


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Fly, you fools!

Many of us feel so tired there couldn’t possibly be any passion. When you are exhausted there is no passion. We don’t need to plan it for 4 weeks. We don’t need go through it again and again. We need to start running. We need to move. We live in society were nobody moves anymore.



What are we like today? How do people get injured today? They don’t get injured smashing into people playing sports. They get injured typing, getting up from the bed, sitting in the car, picking up keys from the floor. That’s how people get injured because we don’t use our bodies anymore.



We live in a box. Think about it. Think about our life’s today and how different it is from the way we were formed and made. To run. To hunt. To create. To procreate. To raise our children. To move. To form. To do all the things that make you use all of our body.


Box life

What do we do today? We wake up and we have this box life. We have a box breakfast. We get into box car. We drive to our box office. We get into box elevator. We don’t use the stairs, off curse. We work on a box computer. Type on a box. Talk to a box. We go into box room for meeting. We listen to music on a box. We have our box lunch. Drive our box home.  Or we get into box train or box subway. We get home to our box apartment. And then we turn on the box. We watch that box, we laugh and cry to that box. We get information and entertainment form a box. We message on the box. We get substitute of relationship on social media through the box.


Death in the box

Our box life fits perfectly into consumer culture. Everything perfectly set up for us to become ordinary box max.  Get to know your boxes, navigate through them and live your box life. Then die and get into your final box.


Breaking point

Many of us at some point of life reach a breaking point. We feel we need a break. We need a change. We are convinced that we are finally jumping outside of this box but it turns out we are replacing one box with another.   



It can feel overwhelming but if we will be very committed we can make it work. I won’t give you a recipe how to jump outside because I simply don’t have one. It’s different for each one of us. What I can tell you is that you’re going to fail many times trying to jump outside. But you have to stay committed, be determined and clear were you’re going.


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People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing - Dale Carnegie

Is there even a life after it?

Most of us find it extremely hard to get back to our duties after being on holiday. In best cases scenario, we are only distracted and a lot slower for couple of days. Unfortunately, way to often it goes far beyond that. Many of us feel disappointed, frustrated, deceived, sometimes even scared or depressed. Sound heavy but it’s not a joke.


Fear of the unknown

We know it’s coming. We know we have to get back to work. We’ve done it many times. We know we’ll have to go through it again and we set our self that it’s going to be hard. Everybody around us says that it’s rough and nasty. And we fall for that. It takes us at least a week to get back to life and we seem to be everywhere but here and now.


Reminders of reality

We are constantly asked How fun it was? What did you do? Where have you been? We are constantly reminded we are back to worse reality. That our time there was a dream. This is what’s real and it sucks! But why does it suck? Do we really think so or is it someone else’s idea?


Why does it suck?

For me it’s a matter of mindset and our own decisions. If you will be only thinking that something great is over and now you have to go back to your grey, boring and unfulfilling job, don’t be surprised that you’re going to feel the same way. Let me just tell you that those are not your thoughts. This is a mindset that is everywhere around you and you just didn’t figure it could be any different. It can. What’s even more important you can do it too.


Reverse engineer

Reverse engineer your unconscious way thinking. Don’t think about all the things you hate about going back to work. Don’t think about waking up early. Don’t think about the backlog and overload of work you’re going to have. Don’t think about co-workers you can’t stand. Don’t think about those boring assignments. The list goes on and on.


How much do you love it?

Start thinking about all those things you love and like about your job. All the chances you have to work on yourself, your skills, your character, your resume and experience. Think that this job gave you money to go on those wonderful holidays. Now you can start saving for the next trip. Isn’t this exciting? It surely is for me. Think about all the colleagues you love to joke around or learn from. Remind yourself how much they are giving you and how much you’re giving in return. How great does it feel to get back home after a tough day at work? How much do you love to sleep at your own bad? This could be even a longer list if you choose to. Being on holiday for half of your life won’t get you any closer to your dreams. Not a bit. So, think about your purpose, your plan, your dream, your vision. In order to get there, you need to get back to work. There is no other way.


Find a way

Just to get one thing straight I’m trying to convince you to paint the grass green. If you hate your job and if it suffocates you, change it. Some of you are going to say easier said than done Mr. smarty pants. But you know what’s even harder for most of us? It’s making a decision that you’re going to find a better job. Not wishing. Not looking for a job. Not going sending applications and going for interviews. The crucial part is making the decision that you are already out and now you are going to find a better job. From now on it’s a matter of time. If it’s not possible today don’t cry about it. Work on yourself harder than you work on your job. Build your resume. Acquired news skills and sharpen those that you already have. Pay attention, learn, get inspired, model the masters in your field. Decide to find a way.  


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Meaningful blink of an eye

Let’s start with a tiny question. Do you think 100 days is a long time? Well, it’s only a matter of perspective, right? If you are a child waiting for Christmas or your birthday, 100 days will feel like eternity. If you’ll find yourself only waiting for something that you have no control over you won’t be either present in the moment nor grateful for the ride. In this case it can turn out to be a total waste of time. On the other hand, having a clear plan, taking actions and appreciating your journey will help you be lot more grateful, present in moment and fulfilled with your progress. Once you’ll choose this path 100 days will be a very meaningful and magnificent blink of an eye.


The Ride

Going back to my first article on 100 day of Change in January this was not designed to be a challenge. It was something far more important than that. Challenge prompts assumptions that it is a onetime thing, one-night stand. It would suggest that I’m only after a specific outcome or result. Well, journey itself, the ride and the struggle was far more important. It’s not about what I’m going to accomplish, it’s about who I’m going to become on the way. Who we are right now and who will become in the future is a result of the tiny things we do every day. It’s not luck. It’s not given or taken. It’s YOU!


Little things

Those little tiny things became inseparable parts of my day and my life. Like my morning routines. Smiling in front of the mirror, thinking about 3 things I’m grateful for, doing pushups, visualizing my goals for the  day and for the next 10 years. This exercise give me sense of control over my life, a chance to think about my vision and mission but what’s most important it makes me appreciate my life and people who are in it.


Late (cold) addition

Well, there is one more morning routine I do every day for the last 3 weeks. Cold showers. Besides the clear physical benefits like instant wake up, releasing tension in the muscles, increasing immune system and increasing tolerance for temperature differences, it gives me something even more important. It’s a mental exercise. It’s an exercise of going way beyond your comfort zone every morning of every day. To make one thing clear the water does not get any hotter with time. It’s still freezing every morning.


(Too) Cozy

Once I take that cold shower in the morning I’m not only fresh and awake, I’m also ready to face whatever comes my way. Every day I’m getting better in going outside of my comfort zone, my warm and cozy coverlet. It stretches the reach of my zone every day. 


Dose of inspiration

In the last 100 days reading became another inseparable  part of my day. Either self-development, marketing, financial or business books give me a daily dose of inspiration and knowledge. It’s my most quiet and peaceful time in a day. After my day job and spending time with my wonderful family it serves as a reset time before going to my evening hustle and grind. We all need to relax during the day and reading turns out to be way faster, more effective and useful for me than watching movies.



Besides developing smaller and bigger habits I have also learned many very meaningful lessons. Failures are integral part of going beyond and stretching your boundaries. I was not even thinking about avoiding failures because it would mean not trying at all. I was failing a lot and  then adjusting. It’s not something to be ashamed or pity about. Failures need to be parts of my success. 


Too much

For starters, my daily, weekly and monthly plan was total overpacked. Trying to do too many things and once is one of the biggest challenges I face very often. This time was no different but after a month I have adjusted my day to day plans not to drain myself. It’s great to be going in a full pace but you’ll never be able to sprint yourself through a marathon. Based on their results now and potential for the future I have cut off the half of my tiny daily activities from the list.


Am I really so different after 100 Days of Change?

I totally believe I am. Through tiny habits and adjustments done every I have made major changes in my life. I have control over my day, I’m a lot more grateful for what I have, I a lot happier and more fulfilled. On top of that I have never been so determined to go after my dreams, so peaceful with the world and in life with my life.

This wonderful experience is a genesis of an incredible journey. Don’t hesitate. Design and start your journey NOW!


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big change


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You can't live at all unless you can live fully now – Alan Watts


Do you remember when you first went to school? Or you went to the kindergarten. The kindergarten purpose was to push you along so that you can get into the first grade. Then you were pushed along so you could get into the second grade, third grade and so on, going up and up. And then you went to high school and this was a great transition in life. The pressure was lifted up and you had to get ahead. You had to improve your grades and finally be good enough to get to college. And then when you get to college, you’re still going step by step, step by step, up to the great moment in which you’re ready to go out into the world.



Finally comes the moment when you get out into this famous world.  But the struggle does not stop. You start the struggle to find the right job or any job. Once you done with that you begin to struggle in your profession or business. Just like in the previous stages of your life there seems to be endless number of stairs in front of you. It’s something for which you are reaching all the time but with every step you take the stairs only gets higher and higher.   


I’ve arrived!

Suddenly when you are about forty or forty-five years old, in the middle of life, you wake up one day and say Huh? I’ve arrived! But I feel pretty much the same as I’ve always felt. In fact, I’m not so sure that I don’t feel a little bit cheated. You see you were fooled. We all get fooled at some point. You were always living for somewhere where you aren’t. You were always looking to be somewhere else.



While I fully believe it’s a tremendous use for use to be able to look ahead, have a plan and I know perfectly well how essential is to have a compelling vision. There is no use for planning for a future or to have vision which when you get to it and it becomes a present, you won’t be there. You won’t feel happy. You won’t feel fulfilled.


The top will never exist

You might think you’re different and that you actually will feel fulfilled but if you can’t find joy and happiness on the way, on the ladder, you won’t find it in the top. Because the top will never exist. You’ll be living in some other future which hasn’t yet arrived. In this way no one is never able actually to inherit and enjoy the fruits their own action. Don’t aim to live a successful life. Aim to have a successful day. You can’t live it all unless you can live fully now.


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How many times have you heard Stand up straight! when you were little? Do you remember being nagged for slouching at a family dinner? Although it might be very annoying, it’s not wrong at all.



Your posture, the way you hold your body when you’re sitting or standing, is the base for every movement your body makes and can determine how well your body adapts to pressure. Pressure can mean number of different things. It can be carrying weight or sitting in an awkward position. But the biggest pressure we experience all day, every day, is gravity.


Poor posture

If your posture is crooked your muscles have to work harder to keep you upright and balanced. In result some muscles will become tight and inflexible. Others will become confined and lazy. Over time, these dysfunctional adaptations impair your body’s ability to deal with forces on it. Poor posture inflicts extra wear and tear on your joints and ligaments. Which increases the likelihood of injuries and chronical pains. Poor posture also make some organs for like your lungs, less efficient.



Researchers have linked poor posture to tension headaches, back pain and sleep deprivation although it isn’t the exclusive cause of any of them. Posture can even influence your emotional state and your sensitivity to pain. Are you convinced now? Are those enough reasons to aim for good posture?


Unfavorable conditions

Sitting in an awkward position for a long time can promote poor posture, and so can using computers and mobile devices, which encourage you to look downward. Many studies suggest that on average our posture is getting worse. Current conditions of our environment at work, school or during transportation, are certainly not helping us. So, if you won’t start working on your posture it will only be getting worse and worse.


What does good posture look like?

When you look at the spine from the front or the back, all 33 vertebrae should appear stacked in a straight line. From the side, the spine should have three curves: one at your neck, on at your shoulders and one at the small of your back. These curves help us stay upright and absorb some of the stress for activities like walking and jumping.



Symmetric straight posture keeps your center of gravity directly over base of your support, which allows you to move efficiently with the least amount of fatigue and muscle strain. If you’re sitting, your neck should be vertical, not tilted forward. Your shoulders should be relaxed with your arms close to your trunk. Your knees should be at the right angle with your feet flat on the floor.


How to start?

But what if your posture isn’t that great? Identify what good posture look like and check what you need to fix. There are many great ways to improve your posture, like yoga, training your core muscles or stretches. Chose what fits you best. But remember that first you need to be conscious of your own body.


Body, Brain, Energy

It’s also not enough to just have a good posture. Keeping your muscle and joints moving is extremely important. In fact, being stationary for a long period with good posture can be worse than regular movement with bad posture. When you do move, move smartly. If you sit a lot, get up and move around on occasion, and be sure to exercise. Using your muscles will keep them strong enough to support you effectively, on top of all the other benefits to your joints, bones, brain and heart and the level of your energy. You really should Stand up straight!


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“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply” -  Stephen R. Covey

Most of us believe that anxiety impacts only the person giving the speech or presentation. Studies done by dr. Paul King show that listeners feel anxiety as well. During his research a group of college students were told that they would be asked question after a presentation they were about to listen. The level of their state of anxiety were going up with presentation time running out. But when they took the test it dropped off immediately.  



Dr. King convince us that, the accumulation of information results in “cognitive backlog”. More and more information is getting stuck what means that it cannot be processed and out brain is not able to create necessary connection.  In this case it’s impossible for us to asses, store or recall the information.  As backlog gets bigger, internal pressure rises quickly and we are on a highway to losing all that information.  Information burden increases along with a listener’s anxiety. It can even result in getting frustrated or angry.



We all know that thinking and speaking are very physically demanding activities. Unfortunately, right from the beginning of our educational journey everybody around us underestimate listening. No surprise we end up getting programmed the same way.  



Effective listening is exhausting and demanding as well. It’s hard work. The heart rate quickens, respiration increases, and your body temperature rises. Just like a stress response, it can be physically and psychologically draining. What’s more we are exposed to it for extensive periods of time. Hours of presentations or meeting. Whole days at school. You name it.


First day at work

Do you remember your first day at a new job? Were you listening to presentations or onboarding for a whole day? Couple days? Or maybe you went straight to your new desk and we were trained by a new collage? How did you feel after the day was over? Were you energized, relaxed or ready to go get a beer with your friends? Very unlikely.


Not immediate and not easy

It’s very likely that you felt exhausted. Drained. You needed some quiet time. That’s because you have just experienced cognitive backlog. You have received some many new information that it got stuck in a line. It needed to be evaluated, labeled and stored. And that takes a lot of time. And lot of energy. It’s a process. Don’t expect it to be immediate and easy.


I told you that yesterday!

I perfectly remember how tired I was after first couple days in my every new job. So many new things, skills, people, places. Exhausting. What about next morning? Do you remember a situation when you were asked to recall something from a previous day? I told you that yesterday, right? – have you ever heard that? Well, it’s probably because of the cognitive backlog.  The information didn’t stand a chance to get where it supposed to get.


More is not better

Think about that when you will be teaching your new college at work or when you will get giving another presentation. Or when you will be teaching your kid. More is not always better.  It’s better to study content on two or three occasions for short period of time instead of spending entire day or evening and getting choked by that information.


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A 20-year-old Warren Buffett was well on his way to accomplish his goal. Becoming millionaire by age 35. By the age 16 he already made $53,000. He had a flair for making money in the stock market. Combine this with education in elite schools and you end up with a story that looks nothing like a failure story, right?


Our biggest fear

Wrong. We’ve all got our own failure. My failures can be different than yours. And your can be different than her or his. But Warren’s failures and fears were very similar to what most of us experience. Young Warren was terrified of public speaking. Yes, you read that right. Aren’t you afraid? Most of us are. It’s the number one fear we have. Death comes second. Which means that most people are more afraid of speaking in public than death. So was Warren but it didn’t stop him from becoming a great speaker.


Facing fear

Did he have something you don’t have? No. He was aware of his biggest fear and he knew it won’t disappear by itself. He decided to face his biggest fear. Although he didn’t need to be a great speaker then he was thinking about his future. He knew he won’t be able to run from it all his life and he ended up signing for Dale Carnegie speaking course but dropped out before it even started. “I lost my nerve”.



He was so nervous, that he would arrange and choose his college classes to avoid having to get up in front of people. "I was so terrified that I just couldn't" – he says. "I would throw up…In fact, I arranged my life so that I never had to get up in front of anybody." 



In one of the interviews he said "I knew I was going to have to speak in public sometimes. The agony was such that just to get rid of the pain I signed up for the course again."  Warren enrolled the course with 30 other students who, just like him, were frightened. "We were all just terrified," Buffett said. "We couldn't say our own names. We all stood there and wouldn't talk to each other." 


Why shouldn’t you?

They got a book of speeches that was full of examples of talks you might give to keynote an event or if you were trying to win an election. Every week they had to give one of those speeches. "The way it works is that you learn to get out of yourself," Buffett said. "I mean, why should you be able to talk alone with somebody five minutes before and then froze in front of a group?" 



The students supported one another, and slowly, slowly, slowly, Buffett got comfortable in front of a crowd. This low-stake situation was perfect environment to work on this craft. "Some of it is just practice — just doing it and practicing," Buffett said. "And it worked. That's the most important degree I have." After taking the course, Buffett was confident enough to speak in public and, perhaps more importantly, propose to his future wife Susan.



At a very young age Buffett became passionate about investing, money and achieving success. That ongoing enthusiasm comes through in his speeches and interviews. As Carnegie put it, "Even people with only mediocre speaking ability may make superb talks if they will speak about something that has deeply stirred them." People will see your passion, smile and positive energy and that will make a huge difference.


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Great things are done by a series of small things brought together -Vincent Van Gogh


You went to bed last night and you had all those ideas about how you’re going to get up this morning and things are going to be different. Today you’re going to start. Start taking steps towards doing some of those projects that you know that will get you closer to living that dream life you keep playing over and over in your head.  


Cubical world

Different from practical life that you’ve got to get up and meet every day. To go to the cubical infested world to work a job just to pay the bills. Out gas in the gas tank to take you places where you don’t really want to go to be around people you don’t enjoy being around. Put groceries in a refrigerator groceries that keep you fat and lazy. Keep you way from being healthy and fit in your life.


Silly, Superficial, Stupid

What wakes you up?  What drives you? Why are you playing this game? Pay the mortgage on a house that doesn’t inspire you and you hate coming home. Do you know what makes it even worse? Is that you cower. Before you got from the bedroom to the kitchen resistance was there already. Telling you what you were going to do different than what you want to do and what your inner voice inside of you tells you need to do with your life. Telling you that those things you believe matter and have a purpose in your life really don’t. That these silly, superficial and stupid things matter.



Resistance will be there every morning. Morning, noon, night, and while you were sleeping. It will do everything to stop you from doing anything. It will kick you in the face until you turn around and start throwing punches. It will not go away on your own. If won’t fight it will be wining every round for the rest of your life.



Try to look and each second to make sure you’re doing something each second. Make sure each minute you’re doing something. Each hour. Each day you’re doing something. You are effective on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on Thursday, on Friday. You don’t have to be perfect but what you have to do is perfect your day. As long as you are alive you will never be perfect. There is always progress to be made. You can always get better but you need to practice. Perfect your 24 hours. Your 60 minutes. Your 1440 seconds. That’s what you need to concentrate on right NOW.


Fall in love with small

Do what you are supposed to do with each second, with each minute, with each hour, each day. Fall in love with small things and big ones will be attracted to you eventually.

You master the NOW. You become an expert of the NOW. Get out there and to do work of your life.


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There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so - William Shakespeare

When things are going, bad there’s going to be some good that’s going to come out of it. Project got cancelled. Good we can focus on another one. Didn’t get the new equipment. Good we can keep it simple. Didn’t get promoted. Good, more time to get better. Didn’t get funded. Good we own more of the company. Didn’t get the job I wanted. Good I can get more experienced and build a better resume. Got injured, sprained my ankle. Good I’m going to get a break from training. Unexpected problems. Good I have the opportunity to figure out a solution. That’s it.


Get up and reload

When things are going bad don’t get all bombed out. Don’t get startled. Don’t get frustrated. No. Just look at the issue and say good. Take that issue. Take that problem and make it something good. Bring that attitude. Go forward. If you can say the word good when things are going bad, guess what? It means you are still alive. It means you are still breathing. If you are still breathing, you still have some fight left in you. So, get up, dust off, reload, calibrate, reengaged and go on an attack. It’s about as good as it gets. 



Embrace your life. It’s pain. It’s sorrow. It’s adversity. You have to realize that there’s going to bad days, dark days but you have to embrace because that pain what makes you stronger. Success is not measured on the days when the sun shines. Success is measured on a dark, stormy, cloudy days and if you can’t absorb failure you will never meet success. Storm is when you show who you really are.


Rock bottom

One of the best things that can happen to anyone is hitting rock bottom. The reason why it’s so important is because it tells you that nothing comes easy. When you hit rock bottom you learn a lot about yourself. You have a great chance to find out what you are really made of. How you respond to it will tell a lot about yourself. Failure is what makes you strong.



Run. You should run because you shouldn’t live in darkness. If you keep on running you’re going to see that light. In the beginning, it’s going to look like a little circle. That’s when things start to work out a little bit. As you keep going forward that little circle just gets bigger and bigger. Don’t let it break you and keep on running.


Bounce back

If we don’t learn how to master the breaking point we may have many ventures but we won’t accrue massive success in any area. Because every time you will run to a breaking point you will give up and quit. You will back away and run. You will say this is too hard, this is too emotional, this is too stressful and you will back away. You cannot be a successful until you learn how to go through failures, run through obstacles and bounce back from rock bottom.



Where does discipline comes from? It comes from within. It’s an internal force. What you are looking for, what you are talking about, what you need is self-discipline. Self-discipline are the very term implies comes from the self, it comes from you. It comes when you make a decision to be discipline. When you make a decision to be better. When you make a decision to do more and to be more. Self-discipline comes when you decide that you are going to make a mark on the world and to make you better, stronger, smarter, faster, and healthier.



What’s even more important it will make you free. Every breath that we take is a gift. It’s a sacred gift. Every day we have, every sunrise, every thought, every smile and every laugh is a gift. I will treasure that gift of life. I will not let it waste. Not one second of it. I will cherish every moment of it. I will live it.


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