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Fly, you fools!

Many of us feel so tired there couldn’t possibly be any passion. When you are exhausted there is no passion. We don’t need to plan it for 4 weeks. We don’t need go through it again and again. We need to start running. We need to move. We live in society were nobody moves anymore.



What are we like today? How do people get injured today? They don’t get injured smashing into people playing sports. They get injured typing, getting up from the bed, sitting in the car, picking up keys from the floor. That’s how people get injured because we don’t use our bodies anymore.



We live in a box. Think about it. Think about our life’s today and how different it is from the way we were formed and made. To run. To hunt. To create. To procreate. To raise our children. To move. To form. To do all the things that make you use all of our body.


Box life

What do we do today? We wake up and we have this box life. We have a box breakfast. We get into box car. We drive to our box office. We get into box elevator. We don’t use the stairs, off curse. We work on a box computer. Type on a box. Talk to a box. We go into box room for meeting. We listen to music on a box. We have our box lunch. Drive our box home.  Or we get into box train or box subway. We get home to our box apartment. And then we turn on the box. We watch that box, we laugh and cry to that box. We get information and entertainment form a box. We message on the box. We get substitute of relationship on social media through the box.


Death in the box

Our box life fits perfectly into consumer culture. Everything perfectly set up for us to become ordinary box max.  Get to know your boxes, navigate through them and live your box life. Then die and get into your final box.


Breaking point

Many of us at some point of life reach a breaking point. We feel we need a break. We need a change. We are convinced that we are finally jumping outside of this box but it turns out we are replacing one box with another.   



It can feel overwhelming but if we will be very committed we can make it work. I won’t give you a recipe how to jump outside because I simply don’t have one. It’s different for each one of us. What I can tell you is that you’re going to fail many times trying to jump outside. But you have to stay committed, be determined and clear were you’re going.


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You can't live at all unless you can live fully now – Alan Watts


Do you remember when you first went to school? Or you went to the kindergarten. The kindergarten purpose was to push you along so that you can get into the first grade. Then you were pushed along so you could get into the second grade, third grade and so on, going up and up. And then you went to high school and this was a great transition in life. The pressure was lifted up and you had to get ahead. You had to improve your grades and finally be good enough to get to college. And then when you get to college, you’re still going step by step, step by step, up to the great moment in which you’re ready to go out into the world.



Finally comes the moment when you get out into this famous world.  But the struggle does not stop. You start the struggle to find the right job or any job. Once you done with that you begin to struggle in your profession or business. Just like in the previous stages of your life there seems to be endless number of stairs in front of you. It’s something for which you are reaching all the time but with every step you take the stairs only gets higher and higher.   


I’ve arrived!

Suddenly when you are about forty or forty-five years old, in the middle of life, you wake up one day and say Huh? I’ve arrived! But I feel pretty much the same as I’ve always felt. In fact, I’m not so sure that I don’t feel a little bit cheated. You see you were fooled. We all get fooled at some point. You were always living for somewhere where you aren’t. You were always looking to be somewhere else.



While I fully believe it’s a tremendous use for use to be able to look ahead, have a plan and I know perfectly well how essential is to have a compelling vision. There is no use for planning for a future or to have vision which when you get to it and it becomes a present, you won’t be there. You won’t feel happy. You won’t feel fulfilled.


The top will never exist

You might think you’re different and that you actually will feel fulfilled but if you can’t find joy and happiness on the way, on the ladder, you won’t find it in the top. Because the top will never exist. You’ll be living in some other future which hasn’t yet arrived. In this way no one is never able actually to inherit and enjoy the fruits their own action. Don’t aim to live a successful life. Aim to have a successful day. You can’t live it all unless you can live fully now.


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A 20-year-old Warren Buffett was well on his way to accomplish his goal. Becoming millionaire by age 35. By the age 16 he already made $53,000. He had a flair for making money in the stock market. Combine this with education in elite schools and you end up with a story that looks nothing like a failure story, right?


Our biggest fear

Wrong. We’ve all got our own failure. My failures can be different than yours. And your can be different than her or his. But Warren’s failures and fears were very similar to what most of us experience. Young Warren was terrified of public speaking. Yes, you read that right. Aren’t you afraid? Most of us are. It’s the number one fear we have. Death comes second. Which means that most people are more afraid of speaking in public than death. So was Warren but it didn’t stop him from becoming a great speaker.


Facing fear

Did he have something you don’t have? No. He was aware of his biggest fear and he knew it won’t disappear by itself. He decided to face his biggest fear. Although he didn’t need to be a great speaker then he was thinking about his future. He knew he won’t be able to run from it all his life and he ended up signing for Dale Carnegie speaking course but dropped out before it even started. “I lost my nerve”.



He was so nervous, that he would arrange and choose his college classes to avoid having to get up in front of people. "I was so terrified that I just couldn't" – he says. "I would throw up…In fact, I arranged my life so that I never had to get up in front of anybody." 



In one of the interviews he said "I knew I was going to have to speak in public sometimes. The agony was such that just to get rid of the pain I signed up for the course again."  Warren enrolled the course with 30 other students who, just like him, were frightened. "We were all just terrified," Buffett said. "We couldn't say our own names. We all stood there and wouldn't talk to each other." 


Why shouldn’t you?

They got a book of speeches that was full of examples of talks you might give to keynote an event or if you were trying to win an election. Every week they had to give one of those speeches. "The way it works is that you learn to get out of yourself," Buffett said. "I mean, why should you be able to talk alone with somebody five minutes before and then froze in front of a group?" 



The students supported one another, and slowly, slowly, slowly, Buffett got comfortable in front of a crowd. This low-stake situation was perfect environment to work on this craft. "Some of it is just practice — just doing it and practicing," Buffett said. "And it worked. That's the most important degree I have." After taking the course, Buffett was confident enough to speak in public and, perhaps more importantly, propose to his future wife Susan.



At a very young age Buffett became passionate about investing, money and achieving success. That ongoing enthusiasm comes through in his speeches and interviews. As Carnegie put it, "Even people with only mediocre speaking ability may make superb talks if they will speak about something that has deeply stirred them." People will see your passion, smile and positive energy and that will make a huge difference.


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Great things are done by a series of small things brought together -Vincent Van Gogh


You went to bed last night and you had all those ideas about how you’re going to get up this morning and things are going to be different. Today you’re going to start. Start taking steps towards doing some of those projects that you know that will get you closer to living that dream life you keep playing over and over in your head.  


Cubical world

Different from practical life that you’ve got to get up and meet every day. To go to the cubical infested world to work a job just to pay the bills. Out gas in the gas tank to take you places where you don’t really want to go to be around people you don’t enjoy being around. Put groceries in a refrigerator groceries that keep you fat and lazy. Keep you way from being healthy and fit in your life.


Silly, Superficial, Stupid

What wakes you up?  What drives you? Why are you playing this game? Pay the mortgage on a house that doesn’t inspire you and you hate coming home. Do you know what makes it even worse? Is that you cower. Before you got from the bedroom to the kitchen resistance was there already. Telling you what you were going to do different than what you want to do and what your inner voice inside of you tells you need to do with your life. Telling you that those things you believe matter and have a purpose in your life really don’t. That these silly, superficial and stupid things matter.



Resistance will be there every morning. Morning, noon, night, and while you were sleeping. It will do everything to stop you from doing anything. It will kick you in the face until you turn around and start throwing punches. It will not go away on your own. If won’t fight it will be wining every round for the rest of your life.



Try to look and each second to make sure you’re doing something each second. Make sure each minute you’re doing something. Each hour. Each day you’re doing something. You are effective on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on Thursday, on Friday. You don’t have to be perfect but what you have to do is perfect your day. As long as you are alive you will never be perfect. There is always progress to be made. You can always get better but you need to practice. Perfect your 24 hours. Your 60 minutes. Your 1440 seconds. That’s what you need to concentrate on right NOW.


Fall in love with small

Do what you are supposed to do with each second, with each minute, with each hour, each day. Fall in love with small things and big ones will be attracted to you eventually.

You master the NOW. You become an expert of the NOW. Get out there and to do work of your life.


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Time is what we want most, but what we use worst – William Penn



Keep the important things important. Time is a great equalizer. We all get 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year and who knows how many more years. How you chose to spend your time will determine if your life will be fulfilling, satisfying and happy. What will you choose?



Let’s say a Jar represent your life and time you have to fill. The Sand stands for all the little things that really don’t matter. The Pebbles are things that matter a little bit. Finally, the Rocks are the really important things.



When you choose to fill your time with the little things first, the things that don’t matter, things like video games, watching movies, scrolling Facebook, unimportant tasks, being mad at others, then you leave little time for meaningful things.



Filling time with things that “matter” but aren’t necessarily important, things like housework, casual hobbies, spending time with people you don’t really like, leaves you with very little time for the Important things.

These are the things that money can’t buy. Your family. Your friends. Your health. Your passion. Your dreams. Things you love.  



This way important things are left out of your life. If you fill your time with things that don’t matter, then you’ll be left with no time for the things that do. Give time to the important things first and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


First things first

Let’s you have the same amount of time. The same amount of little things, things that kind of matter and important things. When you give time to the important things first you’ll have time for all of your important things. Then you can add in those things that kind of matter. You may need to rearrange a few things but in the end, most of it fits.


Everything you need

You can fill the time you have left with all those things, that don’t really matter. Again, you may need to maneuver some things around but you’ll be amazed at what you can fit into your schedule. You won’t be able fit everything but the things you left doesn’t really matter anyway because you’ve got everything you need.


Your Jar

Most of us don’t leave any space for the important things. We don’t have time for them. We choose to do all the little things first and after that it’s just too late. Do you really want it to stay that way forever? Is your Jar full or are you missing important things?


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Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality - Nikos Kazantzakis


This is question time. I’m just going to do the writing and you will do all dirty work.

Look at your life situation. Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you doing the right things? Are you doing the ones that get you ahead? Or are you just waking up and living in reaction to the world? Do you run around with anxiety? Are you willing to take a step back, change perspective and disassociate yourself from those false emergencies? Which of those things, are the really important to you?

Where are you on the road to your vision? What is your current level? Do you know how to face reality? Where are you now on the subject? What have you tried before? What worked? What didn’t? What stopped you from succeeding?


Have the courage to accept what is real based on what you decide is real. Reality is not a fixed thing for any of us. Any time you want you can change it. You can change your perception of reality any time you choose to. That is the superpower we all have. Why do we choose not to use it? Why?


Like with every superpower there always comes a great responsibility as well. It’s a dangerous weapon if used carelessly. It’s very easy to start saying reality is bad. It’s very easy to start taking the reality of a victim, to start blaming everybody else. It’s very easy to shift our reality into things that we believe to be true when they’re not necessarily. And it is our own beliefs and our own faith that can get us in trouble. Reality is terrible. People are bad.  World is bad. Economy is bad. I am bad and so my reality is bad.

How any times have you heard it and said it in last month? Don’t accept that. You don’t have to do it. It’s your choice but it’s not your curse.


If your view or perspective of reality is not supportive, if it’s not positive, if it’s not charging you with energy and joy each day, it’s about time to change what you are paying attention to. It’s time to change your focal point. It’s time to change your vision. If your reality is not supporting you, now is the best time to redefine it.

Accept that there are great blessings but there are also greater challenges. Start shaping the reality towards what you desire of life.

We can to accept everything but we need to choose to do it.


Then we need to take the next step. How will you choose to deal with that? If your inner hero were to act instead of you, how would he accept it, acknowledge it, form it and utilize it to generate the reality that you want? That will bring the personal power back to you. Accept the negative and shape the future positive. The ability to be true to yourself is in fact the main difference between the best and the ones that are just mediocre. 


Take the reality as it is, not worse than it is. Now you can confront it with your desires. How does it look? Do your daily actions follow your words and your thoughts? Are you happy with your behaviors? Is it enough to get you were you dreamed?

Your true expectations of reality don’t show up in your words but in your actions.

face reality


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Time is what we want most, but what we use worst – William Penn


The biggest excuse in human history is: I have no time. You’re constantly telling yourself you have no time. Be honest and think do you fall for that as well? I know I did. Actually I didn’t even fall for that because I was living in that rabbit hole. I have no time is the biggest lie you will ever hear. What’s even more sad and disappointing it comes out of you as well. We all have the same 24 hours, 1 440 minutes and 86 400 seconds in a day.


When you say you don’t have time, it actually means that something else was more important to you. Do you even realize what that was? You can fool me but you won’t fool yourself.

If you ever catch yourself on thinking I have no time to do it stop immediately. Do you really want or need to do it? If the answer is NO, just say This is not something I want or need to do. If it’s YES, then decide when you’re going to do it.


Clean it up. Change your to-do list into a map of your priorities. Put it in the center scope of your focus. First, take the big items, the rocks of your life, the things that will give you most significant outcomes and schedule them. Then commit to some block time for those actions that matters to you. Commit to the most important things and then schedule those other items.

Block times can move. Scheduled times can’t. With scheduled times you have made a commitment to another person and you can’t move it by yourself. That’s why it’s so crucial to do all the things that are important to you first.



Lost time is never found again -  Benjamin Franklin

Out of our lack of focus, lack of responsibility, lack direction and our detachment we literally waste our life. How much time do you really waste? How much time a day? On average we are distracted for about 4-5 hours every day just by watching TV and browsing internet. And you have the guts to say I don’t have time for this or that. This just isn’t true. Of course you have time but you prefer to be lazy. That is cold heart truth but someone had to tell you that.


13 years. Wake up. Now it stopped being funny, right? We miss 13 years of experience, learning, grow, giving, sharing, exploring new places.

We like to repeat over and over again that Life is short and we have short time to live. Wouldn’t it be great to start saying Life is long enough to accomplish whatever I can dream of.