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easy route
easy route

What comes easy won't last. What lasts won't come easy

First thing you need to know, is that oftentimes people ask for advice, look for inspiration but they are not entirely open. They have a preconceived notion of what they should do and they usually, just want outside confirmation that they should take the easy route. To check how you feel about this advice, ask yourself a question Does this make sense to you? Is this something you want to do? Do you want to take the easy route? If that’s the case, just stop reading. Easy route won’t take you where you really want to be.


Too big of a challenge

The second problem, is that most of us are not disciple enough to get it done. When we start to think about our goal, we instantly see rising obstacles, problems, pain, failure. We look at successful people, see those great big actions and we get to a conclusion that we are not able to do such things. It’s too big of a challenge, right?


Dream House

We pass by this magnificent house again and again, sometimes we dream about it, but at the end we think how we could ever afford that? That’s whole bunch of money, enormous investment. You need a loan, a land, an architect, many other contractors and it’s going to take months, if not more. It’s way too many things to handle at once. We often say: I don’t have time or money to do it. Maybe someday in the future, but certainly not now. If you hear yourself saying such statements stop now. Why are you pushing the breaks? Why are you jumping off your Journey?  Be aware that the average millionaire has made 10 thousand good decisions before the number you see behind them. And to make 10 thousand good ones first you have to make 100 thousand bad ones.


Small wins

Begin with something small. Start with a small win. If you want to lose weight start walking every single day. Don’t worry about counting calories, don’t worry about complex workout plans.  Don’t worry about anything that anyone is selling you. Don’t worry about quickly losing 10 kg.


Sow the seed of discipline

Start with baby steps. Walk every morning. Every morning. No exceptions. Be consistent. It’s not actually walking that will make lose 10 kg. We all know that there are far more elements to be considered. However, what this will do, is sow the seed of discipline and commitment.  That small wins under your belt will inject you with courage, confidence, ability to add other more complex things and grow stronger. Never allow an expectation until your behavior becomes permanent. If you fail, start again until you get it right. This is the only way you can develop a habit of discipline in any area.


How long to form a habit?

If you think it will take forever, I’m happy to tell you it won’t. How much time does it take to form a habit?

After 30 or 60 days your repeated behavior becomes a habit and you do it without thinking about it. Ok, so is it 30 or 60 days?

Hold your horses. If your action is relatively easy and uncomplicated you will be able to form that habit after just 30 days. In case of more complexed ones it might take up to 60 days. Does this make sense to you?


Discipline in action

Now you can use that tool of creating habits and setting up discipline with your next, a little bit more and more complex actions. You may think that this is tedious and slow, but after 60 days of tinny wins you will become a person who can get anything done. Start small, have big wins with little things and use that new version of yourself, that new character to shoot at your bigger and more advance goals. The more you persist, fight and grind, the greater discipline and self-confidence you will develop. You will see for yourself that persistence is just discipline in action. Your own self-respect and effectiveness will raise immensely.


Get back on tracks

Quite often I ask myself a question Am I practicing self-discipline in life? Am I doing the thing I need to do or Am I waiting to feel the moment? Just like all of you, I get off my path once in a while, but the key is to get back as fast as you can. Those three questions above are one of many things that will help you realize that you’ve stopped dead in your tracks. Get back to your tracks.


Permission to care

Think of an example in your own life when you decided to take action on some desired outcome but ultimately you gave up on it. Look for an important and preferably recent example. Do you have it? If not stop here until you get one.

Once you have it, you’ll notice that at some point along the way you allowed yourself off the hook because you gave yourself the permission to no longer care about the outcome. Having the conviction about your outcome, your vision is so powerful. Care about your result. If you start carrying exceptionally, it will become your priority. Do you get the real impact of this? Your Journey needs to be your priority. It’s the first thing on your list. It’s your first focus.


NOW is the time for bold and remarkable actions.


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