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Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality - Nikos Kazantzakis


This is question time. I’m just going to do the writing and you will do all dirty work.

Look at your life situation. Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you doing the right things? Are you doing the ones that get you ahead? Or are you just waking up and living in reaction to the world? Do you run around with anxiety? Are you willing to take a step back, change perspective and disassociate yourself from those false emergencies? Which of those things, are the really important to you?

Where are you on the road to your vision? What is your current level? Do you know how to face reality? Where are you now on the subject? What have you tried before? What worked? What didn’t? What stopped you from succeeding?


Have the courage to accept what is real based on what you decide is real. Reality is not a fixed thing for any of us. Any time you want you can change it. You can change your perception of reality any time you choose to. That is the superpower we all have. Why do we choose not to use it? Why?


Like with every superpower there always comes a great responsibility as well. It’s a dangerous weapon if used carelessly. It’s very easy to start saying reality is bad. It’s very easy to start taking the reality of a victim, to start blaming everybody else. It’s very easy to shift our reality into things that we believe to be true when they’re not necessarily. And it is our own beliefs and our own faith that can get us in trouble. Reality is terrible. People are bad.  World is bad. Economy is bad. I am bad and so my reality is bad.

How any times have you heard it and said it in last month? Don’t accept that. You don’t have to do it. It’s your choice but it’s not your curse.


If your view or perspective of reality is not supportive, if it’s not positive, if it’s not charging you with energy and joy each day, it’s about time to change what you are paying attention to. It’s time to change your focal point. It’s time to change your vision. If your reality is not supporting you, now is the best time to redefine it.

Accept that there are great blessings but there are also greater challenges. Start shaping the reality towards what you desire of life.

We can to accept everything but we need to choose to do it.


Then we need to take the next step. How will you choose to deal with that? If your inner hero were to act instead of you, how would he accept it, acknowledge it, form it and utilize it to generate the reality that you want? That will bring the personal power back to you. Accept the negative and shape the future positive. The ability to be true to yourself is in fact the main difference between the best and the ones that are just mediocre. 


Take the reality as it is, not worse than it is. Now you can confront it with your desires. How does it look? Do your daily actions follow your words and your thoughts? Are you happy with your behaviors? Is it enough to get you were you dreamed?

Your true expectations of reality don’t show up in your words but in your actions.

face reality