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Action express priorities – Mahatma Gandhi

How much do you have on your plate right now? Do you have time to do everything you need to do at home? Do you have time to do everything you want? Do you have time to do everything your boss asks you to? No? So how do you handle that? You prioritize. You chose what’s more important to you. You chose what really needs to be done. But how do you make that choice? What criteria do you take under consideration? One final question, how good are you at this?


Where is your day?

Most of us give away our attention way too easily. You get involved with other people’s problems, other people’s needs, messages, calls and by the time you handle all that your day is gone and you don’t feel any sense of progress. If you find your days like that it usually comes to the way you are prioritizing your days. How do you do it? How do you organize your schedule? Or maybe you are just responding to what is happening? Maybe everything you do is just an reaction. You need to reclaim control over your time.


One of the ways to do it is to follow three basic strategies for prioritizing your day: 


1. Put first things first.

Don’t start with the easy things. You may think that doing small, unimportant things will give you momentum and it will get you into the day. But in reality, it makes you less likely to do the things that actually count. How do you know if you’re guilty of it? You know it when you feel that there is a lot of busy work is your day but there’s an absence of life work. If you don’t feel like you’re doing activities and tasks that make you progress and grow, that is only on you. Who might be responsible for that?  What are the things that get you closer to your vision?

20 or 80

You probably heard that 80 percent of your outcomes comes from 20 percent of your actions. So why don’t you follow that knowledge?  If it’s possible, those 20 percent of actions needs to be done first thing in the morning or right after you get to your office. Just because something is easy it doesn’t mean that it has to be done today. You must prioritize things that will allow you to make significant steps in your life towards your vision. Prioritize progress. Don’t do easy things to please other people. What are the three steps that would significantly move you forward? Think about it and plan them now.


2. Be watchful.

People want your help and that’s great but you need to take care of your goals first. People will want you to get on their boat but you’re on your own boat, your own Journey and it might turn out that your boats are going in opposite directions. Help as many people as you can while you go on your Journey. Don’t let other people to fool you and sell you their false emergencies. Just because someone send you a message today, or just called you or came to your desk doesn’t mean that you have to reply to it right away. The more you do for others, the more carful you need to be because world is going to be asking for more and more. If you will please others first, then you will lose your life. You will be behind with your work, your goals, your vision and your life. Just to be clear I’m not talking about your family and your loved once. They should be your first priority.


Learn to say no to the world. It might be hard at the beginning but people that really want to work and connect with you will understand quickly that it’s not personal. Most of them will actually appreciate your focus and determination. You own nothing to anybody but to your own self, your health, your family, your dream. Everybody else is a sudden distraction. Schedule your day and don’t reprioritize it to handle somebody else’s issues. Do the things that are important to you first. When you accomplish and achieve your priorities then you can help other people.


3. Independence.

Every single day needs to be your Independence Day. It doesn’t have to be a whole day. It can be just a little part, even 30 minutes can be enough. Gain more emotional freedom, physical freedom, social freedom, financial freedom and time freedom by putting it on the list of your everyday priorities. Do you feel any sign of freedom during your ordinary days? If not, why? Most likely because you don’t feel or know that it has be prearranged. If you are not willing to change it, I wish you luck because your freedom will be very random and accidental.


Prioritize and schedule your freedom. It will make you feel energized, connected with the world and alive. Prioritize your physical energy. Make your day magical. You are the architect of your day. How magical do you really want it to be?  


Simplest way

The simplest as well as one of the most effective way to evaluate and decide on your priorities, is to ask yourself a question: How will this affect me a week from now, a month from now, a year from now? Will this action cause a significant change? Does this gets me closer to my vision?  There will always be something to clean at the house, something you need to do, some friends you haven’t seen for months. There will always be something. Don’t kid yourself.


Thanks for reading! 🙂
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