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Fly, you fools!

Many of us feel so tired there couldn’t possibly be any passion. When you are exhausted there is no passion. We don’t need to plan it for 4 weeks. We don’t need go through it again and again. We need to start running. We need to move. We live in society were nobody moves anymore.



What are we like today? How do people get injured today? They don’t get injured smashing into people playing sports. They get injured typing, getting up from the bed, sitting in the car, picking up keys from the floor. That’s how people get injured because we don’t use our bodies anymore.



We live in a box. Think about it. Think about our life’s today and how different it is from the way we were formed and made. To run. To hunt. To create. To procreate. To raise our children. To move. To form. To do all the things that make you use all of our body.


Box life

What do we do today? We wake up and we have this box life. We have a box breakfast. We get into box car. We drive to our box office. We get into box elevator. We don’t use the stairs, off curse. We work on a box computer. Type on a box. Talk to a box. We go into box room for meeting. We listen to music on a box. We have our box lunch. Drive our box home.  Or we get into box train or box subway. We get home to our box apartment. And then we turn on the box. We watch that box, we laugh and cry to that box. We get information and entertainment form a box. We message on the box. We get substitute of relationship on social media through the box.


Death in the box

Our box life fits perfectly into consumer culture. Everything perfectly set up for us to become ordinary box max.  Get to know your boxes, navigate through them and live your box life. Then die and get into your final box.


Breaking point

Many of us at some point of life reach a breaking point. We feel we need a break. We need a change. We are convinced that we are finally jumping outside of this box but it turns out we are replacing one box with another.   



It can feel overwhelming but if we will be very committed we can make it work. I won’t give you a recipe how to jump outside because I simply don’t have one. It’s different for each one of us. What I can tell you is that you’re going to fail many times trying to jump outside. But you have to stay committed, be determined and clear were you’re going.


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If we do not discipline ourselves the world will do it for us – William Feather

Past and Future

If you truly want to raise our standards you need to become present. There are two main obstacles to become present. Your past and your future. How do you reconcile those two and what are 5 things to raise your standards?

First and foremost, you need to set powerful goals. You need to create powerful vision to keep you going when motivation will finally fail you. And it will fail you sooner than you think.

Climbing the hill

There are really two kinds of people. You are either running anxiously after the instant prize or you joyfully climb yourself up, step by step to your magnificent vision. Happiness isn’t way up there. It isn’t on the peak. Happiness is the experience of climbing towards the peak. You set up that powerful vision that great goal which reflects your peak. Then you go on a Journey that leads you there while you stay present to the moment.

5 things to raise standards

Let me tell you why this is so important. Every day you live up to your standards. Every day you agree to this kind of life. You agree to pain, frustration, fear, stagnation.

Once you raise your standards in these 5 areas, and you will improve your life dramatically:

1. Health.

Have you ever said, this is going to be the year I get in the best health and shape of my life? For real this is the year to do it. Improve your health and almost automatically you will become happier and more energized and more effective. Raise your standards on how much sleep you get and how well you eat. Take care of your body. Step by step built strong foundation in your body, so that your mind could benefit. Don’t let body be your limit. Make it your tool.

2. Focus. 

Distractions are stealing our lives. We are serious addicts of distraction and we need to get it under control. Get more focused on what you desire in this hour, this day, this life. Don’t focus on whatever comes your way. Bring your awareness to this moment and what you want to be doing and experiencing now. That will help you be more conscious and you will spot distractions a lot easier.

3. Courage. 

Where you are in life right now is a direct reflection of how bold you've been up to this point. How bravely you share yourself, your ideas, your needs and dreams with the world? How courageous have you been to fight after you've failed? Demand of yourself to have more courage. I promise you'll feel more confident and influential over time. Courage is not something you’re born with. No one will give it to. Neither you can buy it nor it’s free. Remember courage is a habit. You can learn it by continually trying. Don’t feel ashamed you have failed, feel ashamed if you didn’t try.

4. Joy. 

Do you expect that you're going to have fun today? How about life in general? Better yet, do you demand of yourself to be the person who brings the joy, who brings fun and helps others have fun no matter what? Joy is a choice not a coincidental blessing. Bring the joy!

5. Kindness. 

Often times people are so driven and distracted that they've often lost the awareness to be kind to others. Kindness is compassion activated - you actually show you care through your actions. Raising your standard here will help you reach higher levels of happiness, service, and humanity. You will be able to connect deeply with more people.

How much longer?

How much pain, frustration, fear or stress are you willing to take? What are you willing to settle for? What do you expect from life? Rise your standard and become a different breed. Rise your standards in those 5 areas of life and live a happy life right now.


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raising standards

You must unlearn what you have learned – Yoda


Why we should start raising standards? When I look back at my life from couple of months ago I feel embarrassed. My whole carrier in banking, almost 4 years of my life, was a living hell. For the record I don’t blame my job for it, at least not entirely. If I was lucky I had extremely bad day once week. If I wasn’t so lucky it could go on for days or weeks incessantly. For years I was living in this dark emotional dungeon. Unfortunately, as sad as it sounds this happens to really many people for all different reasons. We as human beings are able to take so much shit that we will even learn to swim in it. This single skill can waste your entire life. This has nothing to do with resourcefulness. It doesn’t mean that you are tough or brave. Once you make that really tough decision that you will be brave.

At the bottom 

It was beginning of January, over a year and a half ago, when I started to think a lot about my life. I was taking care of my baby girl and I had two weeks off. I was literally on the verge of depression. I couldn’t find much meaning in what I have been doing. Of course my wife and my children were, and still are, heart and purpose of my life, but on personal and professional level I was dead empty. There was no light in the tunnel. I was not growing emotionally. Mentally I was crushed. My self-confidence and self-esteem were totally crashed. You’ve got the picture, right?

Way too much

As you know right now for over three and a half year I was working in a bank. It was by far the toughest years of my life. I probably don’t have to tell you that the pressure linked to any job where you sell things people don’t really need and want is significant. Our situation over there was quite specific. We were working for a private entrepreneur but on a little part we were also employed by the bank. What that meant in practice was that were under pressure from both sides and pretty much both sides could dump and push us around. Priorities of those two parties were totally different. Besides no-brainers like sales plans, performance evaluations, endless contact with unhappy clients, internal audit, direct and telephone customer service surveys, I was also responsible for books and safe deposit. Way too many things to focus on.

Unlocked doors

One time I had forgot to close the doors to the bank. Imagine that. No, I wasn’t so funny back then. That night around 3 in the morning I had received over a dozen calls from security. When I finally picked up the phone I felt a massive hit in a liver.  You could image how stressful that was. Driving over there with my heart over my shoulder was an intense experience. When I came there I found two security guards sleeping in a car by the doors. Luckily for me everything was in place. During next couple weeks those security guards had a lot of fun at my expense. Well, I had always loved to fool around and bring smile to my colleagues.  We have look constantly for the bright side of life even in situations messed up like that.

Getting used to it

Sales plans, performance evaluations, satisfying unhappy clients, internal audits, direct and telephone customer service surveys pressure were part my daily routine. I don’t want to make it embarrassing for anyone and I’m going write what we’ve been told every day. It was very painful, at the beginning. After a while it was not making such a big impression. On top of that priorities were changing every day. I could write about that forever but I hope you have got a slight idea how it was to work over there.

Forged in fire

Nevertheless, what happened during that long years made me who I am now. Mentally strong, laid back, good with people and composed. I’m pretty sure I could all go other way. My strong suit is working with deadlines and who would have guessed working ‘under pressure’. I like my job but I have no fear of losing it. And I feel I had really developed my soft skills. They had become my compelling obsession. 

Difficult time’s makes you grow and gain so much. Learn from those experiences but never settle for this kind of life. Change it. Break this pattern.

Nail in my coffin

There was a specific day while I was still working in that bank which I will never forget. It was by far the most important day of my life. The day of the Decision. I have listened to Tony Robbins audiobook Awaken the Giant Within twice in previous three months but nothing in that particular day showed how significant it will soon be. For the previous couple days, I have been hearing rumors that I might be given an offer I won’t be able to refuse. An offer to be transferred to different part company, with a paycheck cut in two. After working there for over three and half years I was send to a different team to be trained on how to call with clients and organize my day. And it was just a day after finishing the biggest transaction of my banking career. It was a very complicated refinancing business credit with multiple collaterals for really high amount. The amount was actually bigger than the whole team where I was going to be trained sold together for the last month. To be fair it was on a very high commission for my boss as well as for the bank. Looks like a win-win situation but unfortunately collateral credits were not on the list of current priorities and basically it was not taken under consideration in sales plans. I was working on in for three months and it caused me a tone of stress and frustration. It was not going good at all. Other banks have already terminated our client credits which were to be refinanced but we couldn’t get it to the end. Two different land registrations offices declined our application for inscribing our bank’s claim for collateral of that credit. I was inches from the biggest catastrophe for my client and I was responsible for that. I couldn’t sleep for few days but we finally got it done. It was finished. I was so relieved.

My breaking point

However, I haven’t heard any congratulations from my boss. Nothing at all. In addition to that if I would do this credit while working for another team in our bank I would receive commission in the amount of my three monthly salaries. I haven’t received any commission at all and instead of financial gratification on the next day I was ordered to go for training to another team. I went there, spend there an hour and as soon as I went back to my team to finish some paper work at my desk, someone called my boss who was out of office. She called me immediately. It was not more than 5 minutes since I left and she was already yelling at me. Saying I act like I little intern and I’m not allowed to leave that team under any circumstances. This yelling and screaming went for next 10 minutes. As soon as he hung up I said out loud to my colleagues that it is my last day here. I will not be working here anymore. I’ve had it. Enough.

A load off my mind

I felt a mighty relief immediately. Transcendental freedom. I felt powerful and in full control. My fear and my overwhelming stress were gone. I have never felt anything close to that before. It felt I reached the bottom and bounced back. I saw the light of life for the first time in many years. I was working there for the next two weeks during the termination of agreement at my request. I was out. I have finally made the Decision and I’ve followed through. Since then my life changed in so many aspects and it is so much better now.

Stream of negativity

Most people are just like I was back then. They wake up and have a constant stream of negative thoughts until they go to bed. The majority of those thoughts will never actually happen, but they are not going to go away by themselves. All those  negativethings are just challenges to be crushed.

Practical advice 5 THINGS TO RAISE YOUR STANDARDS is coming soon

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