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Fly, you fools!

Many of us feel so tired there couldn’t possibly be any passion. When you are exhausted there is no passion. We don’t need to plan it for 4 weeks. We don’t need go through it again and again. We need to start running. We need to move. We live in society were nobody moves anymore.



What are we like today? How do people get injured today? They don’t get injured smashing into people playing sports. They get injured typing, getting up from the bed, sitting in the car, picking up keys from the floor. That’s how people get injured because we don’t use our bodies anymore.



We live in a box. Think about it. Think about our life’s today and how different it is from the way we were formed and made. To run. To hunt. To create. To procreate. To raise our children. To move. To form. To do all the things that make you use all of our body.


Box life

What do we do today? We wake up and we have this box life. We have a box breakfast. We get into box car. We drive to our box office. We get into box elevator. We don’t use the stairs, off curse. We work on a box computer. Type on a box. Talk to a box. We go into box room for meeting. We listen to music on a box. We have our box lunch. Drive our box home.  Or we get into box train or box subway. We get home to our box apartment. And then we turn on the box. We watch that box, we laugh and cry to that box. We get information and entertainment form a box. We message on the box. We get substitute of relationship on social media through the box.


Death in the box

Our box life fits perfectly into consumer culture. Everything perfectly set up for us to become ordinary box max.  Get to know your boxes, navigate through them and live your box life. Then die and get into your final box.


Breaking point

Many of us at some point of life reach a breaking point. We feel we need a break. We need a change. We are convinced that we are finally jumping outside of this box but it turns out we are replacing one box with another.   



It can feel overwhelming but if we will be very committed we can make it work. I won’t give you a recipe how to jump outside because I simply don’t have one. It’s different for each one of us. What I can tell you is that you’re going to fail many times trying to jump outside. But you have to stay committed, be determined and clear were you’re going.


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Meaningful blink of an eye

Let’s start with a tiny question. Do you think 100 days is a long time? Well, it’s only a matter of perspective, right? If you are a child waiting for Christmas or your birthday, 100 days will feel like eternity. If you’ll find yourself only waiting for something that you have no control over you won’t be either present in the moment nor grateful for the ride. In this case it can turn out to be a total waste of time. On the other hand, having a clear plan, taking actions and appreciating your journey will help you be lot more grateful, present in moment and fulfilled with your progress. Once you’ll choose this path 100 days will be a very meaningful and magnificent blink of an eye.


The Ride

Going back to my first article on 100 day of Change in January this was not designed to be a challenge. It was something far more important than that. Challenge prompts assumptions that it is a onetime thing, one-night stand. It would suggest that I’m only after a specific outcome or result. Well, journey itself, the ride and the struggle was far more important. It’s not about what I’m going to accomplish, it’s about who I’m going to become on the way. Who we are right now and who will become in the future is a result of the tiny things we do every day. It’s not luck. It’s not given or taken. It’s YOU!


Little things

Those little tiny things became inseparable parts of my day and my life. Like my morning routines. Smiling in front of the mirror, thinking about 3 things I’m grateful for, doing pushups, visualizing my goals for the  day and for the next 10 years. This exercise give me sense of control over my life, a chance to think about my vision and mission but what’s most important it makes me appreciate my life and people who are in it.


Late (cold) addition

Well, there is one more morning routine I do every day for the last 3 weeks. Cold showers. Besides the clear physical benefits like instant wake up, releasing tension in the muscles, increasing immune system and increasing tolerance for temperature differences, it gives me something even more important. It’s a mental exercise. It’s an exercise of going way beyond your comfort zone every morning of every day. To make one thing clear the water does not get any hotter with time. It’s still freezing every morning.


(Too) Cozy

Once I take that cold shower in the morning I’m not only fresh and awake, I’m also ready to face whatever comes my way. Every day I’m getting better in going outside of my comfort zone, my warm and cozy coverlet. It stretches the reach of my zone every day. 


Dose of inspiration

In the last 100 days reading became another inseparable  part of my day. Either self-development, marketing, financial or business books give me a daily dose of inspiration and knowledge. It’s my most quiet and peaceful time in a day. After my day job and spending time with my wonderful family it serves as a reset time before going to my evening hustle and grind. We all need to relax during the day and reading turns out to be way faster, more effective and useful for me than watching movies.



Besides developing smaller and bigger habits I have also learned many very meaningful lessons. Failures are integral part of going beyond and stretching your boundaries. I was not even thinking about avoiding failures because it would mean not trying at all. I was failing a lot and  then adjusting. It’s not something to be ashamed or pity about. Failures need to be parts of my success. 


Too much

For starters, my daily, weekly and monthly plan was total overpacked. Trying to do too many things and once is one of the biggest challenges I face very often. This time was no different but after a month I have adjusted my day to day plans not to drain myself. It’s great to be going in a full pace but you’ll never be able to sprint yourself through a marathon. Based on their results now and potential for the future I have cut off the half of my tiny daily activities from the list.


Am I really so different after 100 Days of Change?

I totally believe I am. Through tiny habits and adjustments done every I have made major changes in my life. I have control over my day, I’m a lot more grateful for what I have, I a lot happier and more fulfilled. On top of that I have never been so determined to go after my dreams, so peaceful with the world and in life with my life.

This wonderful experience is a genesis of an incredible journey. Don’t hesitate. Design and start your journey NOW!


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big change


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Great things are done by a series of small things brought together -Vincent Van Gogh


You went to bed last night and you had all those ideas about how you’re going to get up this morning and things are going to be different. Today you’re going to start. Start taking steps towards doing some of those projects that you know that will get you closer to living that dream life you keep playing over and over in your head.  


Cubical world

Different from practical life that you’ve got to get up and meet every day. To go to the cubical infested world to work a job just to pay the bills. Out gas in the gas tank to take you places where you don’t really want to go to be around people you don’t enjoy being around. Put groceries in a refrigerator groceries that keep you fat and lazy. Keep you way from being healthy and fit in your life.


Silly, Superficial, Stupid

What wakes you up?  What drives you? Why are you playing this game? Pay the mortgage on a house that doesn’t inspire you and you hate coming home. Do you know what makes it even worse? Is that you cower. Before you got from the bedroom to the kitchen resistance was there already. Telling you what you were going to do different than what you want to do and what your inner voice inside of you tells you need to do with your life. Telling you that those things you believe matter and have a purpose in your life really don’t. That these silly, superficial and stupid things matter.



Resistance will be there every morning. Morning, noon, night, and while you were sleeping. It will do everything to stop you from doing anything. It will kick you in the face until you turn around and start throwing punches. It will not go away on your own. If won’t fight it will be wining every round for the rest of your life.



Try to look and each second to make sure you’re doing something each second. Make sure each minute you’re doing something. Each hour. Each day you’re doing something. You are effective on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on Thursday, on Friday. You don’t have to be perfect but what you have to do is perfect your day. As long as you are alive you will never be perfect. There is always progress to be made. You can always get better but you need to practice. Perfect your 24 hours. Your 60 minutes. Your 1440 seconds. That’s what you need to concentrate on right NOW.


Fall in love with small

Do what you are supposed to do with each second, with each minute, with each hour, each day. Fall in love with small things and big ones will be attracted to you eventually.

You master the NOW. You become an expert of the NOW. Get out there and to do work of your life.


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Based on a Jeff Olson’s ‘The slight egde’


Water or soda?

Do you ever have a choice between a glass of water and a glass of soda and you pick the soda because “well if you have a glass of soda today, it’s not like you’re going to wake up overweight and unhealthy tomorrow?”



That’s basically how we all like to think that somehow, success only comes from doing huge, important things right. We have that big paradox. On one hand, you’re right. The little decision doesn’t really matter. This one decision won’t really affect your health in any significant way, right? Getting drunk one time won’t ruin your life. Eating chips when you feel instant urge won’t make you unhealthy. Examples are everywhere.


Power of compounding

But on the other hand, it’s really the only thing that matters. Because in a year, you will be the result of your every little decision compounded. We simply are humongous piles of our own decisions. It’s not about judging anyone but it’s especially easy to notice in our physical appearances. We can all agree that not everybody’s going to be an athlete but we can easily spot if someone is working out 4 times a week for last 3 years, right?


Easy (not) to do

In essence, every little decision matters. And these little things are easy to do. When you’re on your lunch break tomorrow can make a choice of drinking water instead of soda, fruit instead of cake, vegetables instead of fat fries. Anyone is capable of doing that. But since it’s so easy to do, it is also easy not to do, and just order the soda.



But what if you decide to do this little thing right? You won’t be any healthier the next day, but after a year you would see huge health benefits from it. We have to stop thinking just about instant pleasure because the true reward is usually postponed.


Working out

I have come back to working out in the beginning of January. I haven’t been doing that for last couple of years. At least not regularly. Now it’s 6 times a week. Just 30 to 40 minutes in the evening. It has become such a vital part of my moonlight. I’m not falling asleep over my laptop any more. I feel a lot more energized and I don’t feel any muscle or joint pains any more. What’s quite suppressing to me is that it was fairly easy and there were only few days when I really had to push myself to do it.



Just two days ago, I went to catch up with my best buddies. One of them told me how he stopped eating sweets 9 month ago. He said: ”I really loved sweets and I was really nurturing that emotion. When I was coming back to my parent’s house I was everything they had. If they had a whole bowl of candy I was on it until it was empty. Sometimes when I was at home working on my laptop in the evening I was eating three regular bars of cholate in one sitting. I love it. One day I’ve really decided to stop”. Now after 9 month he feels energized, healthier, lighter. He doesn’t experience neither energy swings nor huge sugar urges. Every once in a while, he allows himself to eat a piece of cake but this is just a reward. It’s not an urge, instinct or a habit. This allows him to really enjoy the moment.



We can apply this to anything. Like Reading. What’s if you decide to read for 15 minutes a day before going to bed? That’s pretty easy to do. But since it’s pretty easy to do, it’s also pretty so easy to ignore it. If you read for 15 minutes tonight you won’t suddenly wake up smarter or more enlighten tomorrow morning. But what about a year from now? That’s going to be at least 6 books. 6 good books can literally turn you to completely different person. Whether it will be related to finances, sales, accounting, relationships or overall happiness. But first you need to make that decision.   


Every little decision

Paradox – on one hand you can fall for the unsuccessful mindset ‘well, it’s not like this little decision matters’ but in reality, the little decisions we make are all that matters. Every little decision of yours will be compounded at the end of the year. Who you are will be the result of it all. Neither you, me nor anyone else will be able to control every piece of our behavior. Luckily, we are not those little robots which do everything right. But at least we are more aware of how we think about little things and we can change them piece by piece. 


It counts

Try to align more of your little decision with your vision. The more you can do it the closer you will be to the person you really want to become. Take responsibility for where you are in life. It’s always us who decide to buy that soda.  


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January is already over and I really wanted to tell you what happened during that 31 days. You might think what could possibly have changed in a single month? Did anything change at all or am I just embellishing reality? Bear with me and you’ll find out.


Let’s start with the biggest thing right away. If I could only name one thing that made the biggest difference and gave the best outcomes, without any hesitation I would say scheduling and organizing my day before and after work. This doesn’t sound like anything big but it’s really huge. Scheduling each upcoming week on the Sunday evening gave me clarity and focus. This single thing allowed me to accomplish and finish more things in this single month then in previous three months. Thanks to the excel workbook (8 sheets) I have created I see both my daily, weekly, monthly goals as well as my vision for this year and future after that.


Mine of time

Organizing my day and blocking time for each thing I want to do is the great time mine of time. It’s a great discovery of time you think you don’t have. You have it. It’s right there. But you have to go to that mine and for dig it.



Subpage for Failure Stories been on my mind for at least one month before. There wasn’t too much work behind it but somehow, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t decide. As soon as it was scheduled it sure for me that it’s going to be done. And it was done in one evening. 



On the other hand, subpage for 100 days of Change was a quick and sudden idea. A lot more work but I really wanted to do it. I have decided to do it when it was still fresh and compelling. Two evenings of my grind and a few more for implementation by my wonderful wife. Although it was not in my plan for January but I’m so happy we did this.



For last six months, I wanted to build portfolio saving structure for our family. We were saving but not allocating it in the way I though was best for us. I was procreating to create that portfolio setup. Turned out to be 6 excel sheets, lots of formulas done in just two evenings. Something that was on my mind for six months was done in two evenings. 8 hours. How easy is to catch up on the things we are procrastinating?  



This is vital part of my morning routine. Either done during the morning run or in front of the mirror. Thinking about three things I’m grateful and smiling to the mirror is a best way to start my day. This wakes and strengthens my empathy for others and my overall happiness. Second part of this process is visualization of my milestone goals and daily tasks. Clouds and dirt. Rocks and sand. Call it whatever you want. Reading and rehearsing my vision gives me an incredible boost of energy to grind and hustle every day.


New Habits

30-minute evening workouts became such a vital part of my moonlight. 27 times in 31 days. I feel a lot more energized and I don’t feel any muscle or joint pains any more. This habits is definitely going to stay. What’s quite suppressing to me is that it was fairly easy and there were only few days when I really had to push myself to do it.


Last thing on the list

On the other hand, reading for 15 minutes right before going to bed wasn’t easy at all. This was a struggle almost every day. I wanted to do such much on each evening that when it was the time for the last thing on the list, which is reading, I was almost falling asleep. 25 times doesn’t look so bad but there is a lot to improve here.


Week themes

This was kind a small reminder of one general thing I wanted to practice and pay attention to during each week. Posture/body language, voice (for two weeks), gestures, energy while speaking. Although you may not see or hear the difference, I do. I pay a lot more attention to those four areas. When I catch myself on doing something like e.g. shrinking my body or mumbling I instantly stop and change it. Theme weeks are about of practice but even more about self-awareness.   



I have decided I’m not going to eat any sweets during the week. Only on weekends. After Christmas, our cupboard was full of sweets, what made it a lot harder to accomplish. It was easy and pleasant when I was full of energy and feeling great. But when I was tired it was getting tricky. Temptation was getting bigger but I managed to contain it. During the first weekend, I probably eat too much sweets but now I almost don’t feel any urge at all. Even though we still have some of the same sweets in the cupboard I doesn’t take any willpower from me not to eat them. Not anymore. Decision is taken. Habit is created.      


9 is better than none

9 runs.  I’m not particularly happy with that. I was aiming at 13 but 9 is better than none.  I was struggling with getting up for the first three weeks but now I think it’s a little bit easier. I’ve adjusted my running schedule to better fit DaybyDay plan. When I’m able to sleep for 6 or 7 hours is quite easy to wake up and run. But when it’s 5 and a half or less it takes a lot from me. When I do actually run in the morning it’s incredible feeling and I know the day is going to mine. So, it’s time to fix it.    


Progress. Growth. Happiness.

All in all, this 100 days of Change gives me so much energy to perform on a higher level. There is so much time for extra tiny activities that I feel a great progress every day. I know I’m on the mission to change my life one small step after the other. Progress. Growth. Happiness.


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Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right - Oprah Winfrey

January 15th

How is your new year coming out so far? How is your plan? How are your resolutions? Are you still working out? Are you still on a diet? Are still learning every day? I know it’s early. Yesterday was January 15th. But you know what that day mean, don’t you? January 15th is the Cut Off. Statistics show that 95 percent of the people that actually made a new year’s resolution, have already broken it by today. And that’s if you even made a resolution.


Beyond resolution

Now if you are exception to that I’m thrilled for you. I support you. Keep grinding, hustling and rocking it. But if you missed maybe I can help you not only recover but get way beyond new year’s resolution and make some real lasting changes in your life (100 days of change- article).


Why bother?

Most people don’t even make those new year’s resolutions, but why? They have been making them so many times, for so many years and they know they’re not going to follow through. After a while who want to disappoint themselves? Who wants to be upset with themselves? Why even bother to set a new standard? You know it’s going to be the same way as last years. If you are still reading this then obviously, you’re not that kind of person.


3 biggest mistakes

There are some common mistakes we are all making, once we try to change any given part of our life. I have been making all of repeatedly even after knowing what I really needed to do. Those mistakes are not any kind of a secret. You know that perfectly well but knowledge without execution is not worth a dime. Three biggest mistake:


1. Vision

First step for lasting change is that you’ve got to have a vision. A vision for what your really, truly want. Not about what you don’t want but what you are here to achieve. It can only work when it really excites you. The bottom line of our follow through comes down to our emotional intensity. In a different state of mind you are going to come up with much better and more exciting vision than you would while sitting little inebriated on your couch on January 1st. It has got compelling. It has got to be a gift. Give yourself a gift of a really wonderful vision.


2. Reasons

Along with this compelling vision you’ve got to have a strong enough reason that are going to help you follow through when it’s going to get tough. That’s one of the biggest change ingredients missing for most people. You can be sure that somewhere along the way, it’s going to get really tough. Challenges are inevitable. You will be tired, you might be stressed or sick, you won’t have time, outside circumstances might destroy your plans. Those are the moments when your reasons have to pull you. You don’t let the fear take you over when you have strong enough reasons. Reasons come first, answers come second.

If you have compelling vision and you have strong enough reasons, it will push you though tough times. Instead of collapsing, you will do things other people won’t do. Even if you get of target, you will get right back. Make the change. Make things happen.


3. Review

You have got to review it and feel it every day. Have you ever wanted something so badly, you had such hunger for it, that you couldn’t stop thinking about it? You need to wake that hunger once again. You need to develop emotional relationship between you and your desired outcome. Once you start to keep thinking about it, envisioning it, imagining it, feeling it, you will attract things and people to your life. It will become a major part of your focus, with emotions and intensity that you will notice anything that can get you there.


What happened?

What people do with new year’s resolutions?  They come up with something they kind of want. It’s not a compelling vision. They really don’t have strong enough reasons and they never review it until they’ve noticed that they’ve broke what they said they really wanted to happen. They didn’t really resolve.


Set yourself to win

When you really get clear on your reasons, your vision is compelling and you are reviewing it every day, the brain becomes incredibly acute at noticing anything that can get you move forward. And you find a way.


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Don't be afraid of change, it is leading you to a new beginning – Joyce Meyer

Once you start your Journey don’t expect anyone to notice. Don’t wait for approval, don’t wait for help and don’t expect it. That goes with the territory. It’s yours.



People who get the most approval and respect are the ones who care the least about it. Once you start being busy doing you’ll notice that you stopped concerning yourself about other people’s opinion. Advance confidently on the Journey towards your vision and dreams even if it’s against the judgment of your entourage.


Before landing

Before you finish your project, your Journey sit again with yourself and ask yourself three simple questions:

  1. Whether the thing I worked for, what I have created or contributed made any difference? Did it make my or other people’s life, job, day better? Does it really matter?
  2. Was this my most excellent performance, contribution? Did I give it my best effort or was it just a slapdash? Did I take my time to prepare it? Did I really fight and grind for it? Have I tested it? Be diligent in advance. Before you contribute think it through to make it excellent.
  3. Does it have your emotions, spirit and heart all over it? Is there motion in it? Be sure to fill your life and life of others with emotions, colors and joy again. Bring it back.



Remember it is your Journey. Don’t be surprised that many people will discount you even if you help them. What I’m going say to you now might come as a surprise but we need to accept it and it will make your Journey easier. Once people are aware of you and your work they will ignore you on purpose. Don’t expect to be encouraged or cheered. It’s yours. Than they will laugh at you and your failures. They will wait for your mistakes. If this won’t work for them and your success will grow immensely people will start to fight you. They will be threatened by your actions and your successes. But you shouldn’t have any time to worry about it.

We are all self-made but only successful once will admit it. Admit to outcomes.   



Do you hear that whisper? This is a barely audible voice in the world of fierce noise. Stop for a second. Listen up. Focus. It’s me reaching to break you out from the grasp of fear and impotence of inaction.  I genuinely believe you will take all the necessary time to get to know yourself. There is no downside to this investment and your gains can be truly magnificent.


For yourself

Wake up. I know you don’t want to. I know you are tired. I know you need to rest. I know all that but it doesn’t matter. Wake up. This is my call to you. I urge you. I ask you. I encourage you. Do it for yourself. Not for others. Not for me. Not for your friends. Not even for your family. Not for the money. Not for the accolades. No, do it for yourself.


Size of your thinking

Make the most important decision of your life. Make it NOW. Start your Journey to greatness and fulfillment. It can take you wherever you dared to envision. The only limit is the scale of your thinking. There is nothing else. How big are your thoughts?


Your recipe

The strategies and experiences you’ve learned can easily separate you from others and protect you from being mediocre but remember there is no clear recipe for success. No magic formula. No shortcut. No prescription for success. The only recipe is the one you will create for yourself. This will be the product crafted out of a tone of hard work during your Journey. Let your Journey become the most fulfilling project of your life.


Enjoy the ride

I wish it on all of you. You’re on your own Journey. You’re going after your own Vision and I wish you to be strong, persistent but what’s a lot more important find your happiness and joy.  You can live your life on your terms, on your scale right NOW and you can really enjoy it.   


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If there is no struggle, there is no progress - Frederick Douglass

It’s corny title I know, but nothing else better reflects what I’m going to do. This is an introduction and invitation to my Journey. It will not be about big leaps of change. It will only be about small changes, tiny adjustments and habits forged day by day. I know this not what most people are looking for. You won’t find any magic formula, overnight success or recipe for greatness here. It may seem that it will be about arduous, repetitive and boring baby steps. But that’s how any sustainable and long-term change is produced.  Yes, change is not given, found or won, it’s produced, it’s forged, it’s wrenched from our fears.


New Year’s resolutions?

Dreams. Expectations. High hopes. In January, most of us have plans or resolutions for the upcoming year. If we won’t schedule them specifically they will just stay our wishes. I’m not a big fun of New Year’s resolutions but you need to start someday and it doesn’t matter when.   



But to make lasting changes we need to develop strong enough habits.  Our days are full of those daily habits, routines, rituals and they are very important part of our life. They are making who we are, how we feel and where we are going to be in the future. Some of those routines serve us very well. Others not at all. If you want to change any of them, you need to replace them with new habits. That is the crucial part. If you leave that space empty, either bad habit will come back in a light speed or you will find yourself doing things you didn’t want to do.


The Plan

You have to be aware of your rituals and habits and what’s most important you need to have full control over them. Way too many times I knew what I wanted to accomplish, I even knew how I need to do it but I didn’t plan it. I didn’t organize it properly. I didn’t block time for it. This is a mistake I’m not going to repeat any more. I’m done with that. It actually took me couple of days to set it up and plan my goals, my change, my vision, my Journey.


Inner beauty

My plan doesn’t look very fancy. It’s not very sophisticated. But it’s going to work. It’s a simple excel sheet with 13 columns. My goals are divided into three categories. Milestones, rocks and minor rocks (I couldn’t come up with a better name). I’m not going to get into specifics but this is a plan for a whole year, with specific goals to get my vison which is on the next excel sheet. I didn’t want to spend hours preparing all this it and then just store it on my disc. That’s why it requires that I open it at least twice a day. There is a column with specific daily goals and a different one showing my progress. It needs to be updated every day. I made it to be a game and competition with myself. I made it to be fun and it is.



This is not a shock therapy and I wanted to avoid any big changes. New habits and behaviors I have added to my life are not taking me more than 30 min each.  Each day is planed with repetitive daily habits spread though out the whole day.  First item in my list is getting back to running before work and I’m reviving my morning routines. Saying three things I’m grateful for. Smiling for three minutes. Reading for 15 minutes before going to bed. Another thing is a general theme for each of week. For example, in the first week I’m going to work and pay attention to my body posture and body language.   



Those little habits are very important to me but what’s even more meaningful are the bigger projects that I was putting off way too long. Those are the rocks that are going to build the milestones of my life. Each ‘rock’ is a part of a snowball that’s only going to get bigger and bigger.  Now all of those rocks are planned and scheduled in my calendar. On some of them I’m going to work as fast as this week, others are planned for February, March or later. But they are all in there. Each day is organized, planed and there is no space for working on what I feel like in the moment.


Not a one-night stand

This time it’s not going to be a challenge. It’s something far more important than a challenge. Challenge prompts assumptions that it is a onetime thing, one-night stand. It suggests that we’re going to do it, accomplish our outcome, that we’re going to get to the third base and forget about. I want to from a relationship with my outcomes. I’m going to make us inseparable partners.  


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Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen – Michael Jordan

We are getting closer to the end of the year very quickly. This is the time when the concept of your priorities often comes to life. Let’s be frank with each other, as a matter of fact it is not the list of your priorities. It’s just your wish list.  Your wish list. The things you wish will happen. Not the things you are committed to fight for. Unless you block your time to follow through with the necessary actions it will only be your wish list.



What makes you even want to make a new year’s resolutions in the first place? Why in the beginning of the year we feel that we should do it? Is it a new tradition? It goes way beyond that. It’s something inside of you that wants something better, that wants more. It’s your inner fire and desire for progress. Yes, it’s still alive although you tried to kill it so many times.


Fresh start

The 1st of January gives this idea that you can have a fresh start. Tabula Rasa. We think that it’s a time when we can change anything we wish. Well, that’s both right and wrong. The truth of the matter is we can do it whenever we truly decide and take immediate, massive actions.


Work on progress not change

People tend to say: Oh I’m working on change. I’m trying to change it. Don’t worry about it. You don’t have to work on change. Change is automatic. But progress is not. If you want to make a real progress, a real difference you’ve got to look at your life in a different way. Progress is exciting. Progress never ends. Your Journey never stops.


Resolutions Commitments

Take control over this process. Don’t hope it’s going to work out just because you made a new year’s a resolution. Isn’t that, what we are you really doing at the beginning of the year? You say, here are my resolutions for the year and those actually are only your wishes. It’s a wish list that you hope will somehow, easily and magically come together.  The real resolution cuts off every possibility except the one you’re committed to. There is no other way.


How easy is it to be lazy?

Once you have a desire and direction you need to take it a stage further. But how? To take this next step you need discipline. To get something you never had you have to do something you never did. You need to work harder and more consistent then you ever did before. Reverse this statement and tell me How easy is it not to be discipline? How easy is it to sit on your couch, watch movies, keep scrolling on your Facebook? How easy? It takes no effort.

If you are a runner you will run no matter what the weather is going to be. It can be cold or windy, it can rainy or snowy, you will still go running. Why is that? You have changed your identity. You don’t let the things that are out of your control to stop you. In order to keep on going you need to change your identity and develop proper habits.


Joyful pursuit

If you want to master any area of your life you need to work on it consistently. Be absolutely committed to the habits and practices that support you on your Journey. Ask yourself what kind of discipline you can create in your life that you will be doing consistently every day. Create a joyful habit of consistent pursuit after your vision.


Be cautious with your focus

To perform at the highest level, you must stay focus all the time. Be aware of distractions you are submitted to. Get rid of them. Don’t let anything or anyone to distract you. First be aware what are you paying attention to and change it if it’s necessary. Your time in very valuable and no one is allowed to waste it. Not even you.


Day off

Every once in a while, every week or every month, every once in a while you need to spend few extra hours to really clean your head. Be by yourself. I know that sometimes it can be very hard to find time but everyone can do it. Call me or text if you are not able to find 2 hours once a month and I’ll show you that you can.  Get your priorities in line. Sort it out. Charge your batteries. Look at your life from above. Let yourself to see the big picture. Most of those things should be done on a day to day basis but every once in a while, give it whole day. That’s a magnificent investment in your future, your vision, your dream.        


Rocks of life

If we want to advance with our priorities, first thing we need to do is to clean up our list. Let’s take the really big items, the rocks of your life, the things that will give you most significant outcomes and schedule them right away. Don’t go after smaller outcomes only because the actions are easier.  It’s so crucial to schedule and do all those really important things first.


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I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work - Thomas A. Edison

Need for acceptance

We as human being have a deep-seated need for love and connection (Uncertainty. Significance. Love). Sometimes this is even more a need for acceptance. We satisfy this need is many different ways. Let’s take a look how this can really determine how we will perceive ourselves.   

When you are in school or when you are growing up it matters to people how you look. And then it matters to you because it matters to others. Why? Why does it matter how you look? Because if they don’t like you then who will? If they don’t except you then who will? Very often we value their opinion a lot more than our own and this won’t take us anywhere good.


Not good enough

I started believe that I was not good enough. I started to believe that I was a failure and that I will never ever be able to start a different carrier. It was such a deep belief that I thought to myself that I’m actually bad at everything I do. And I started to feel depressed. I though What kind of purpose do I have to live? Am I just here to live and to die? Is there no purpose to me to live? 


Who do you believe?

There are somethings in life that are out of our control, that we can’t change and we have to live with it. The choice that we have is either to disregard them and keep on going or to give up. What are you going to believe? Are you going to believe in yourself or are you going to believe everybody else? Are you going to believe in everybody else’s judgment on you? Are you going to believe people saying that you are a failure and no one really likes and cares about you? People don’t even look in the eye. They ask you how you are and you say fine but you’re not fine. Don’t expect them to know the truth. 


You’ve failed.

You have tried something new and you’ve failed. That’s not a big deal. Don’t beat yourself up. You are going to fail many but never get used to it. Take what you can from it and start all over again.

I know some failures are very painful. You almost feel like an outsider. It’s a very dark place. It might be the darkest place you have ever been. You’re sad, down and there is no light at the end of that tunnel. You ask yourself Why did this had to happen to me? It’s in this moment that you find out who you really are and what you are really about.


There is always a chance

Life is interesting. Life is a journey. You take step in this direction. You take steps in that direction and you get sort of lost along the way. Sometimes you fall down and you feel like you don’t have any strength to get back up. You put a mask on your face when you go back to school or work and you pretend that everything is all right when it’s not. You pretend that you got back up. You go home, lay in your bad and when no one is looking at you, when you don’t have to impress anybody and you are yourself, that’s when the fear comes in. Maybe you have doubt in your mind. Maybe you don’t know what’s going to happen. It really scares you. Maybe you are worried about what people think of you, what people say about you. Maybe that fear paralyzes you. It should be impossible for me to get back up but it’s not. I will try one hundred times to get up and if I fail one hundred times and give up do you think I’ll ever get up. If I fail I try again and again, and again. For as long as I try there is always a chance of getting up. 


Who are you?

But I had to ask myself a couple questions. The first question was Who am I? It’s funny how people around sort of determine who you are but it’s always you who have to change yourself. You have a choice which step are you going to take today.

Most of us go through life with our brakes on, holding back, not giving all that we can, not sharing all that we have. Most of us go to our graves still holding on rather than releasing it because of past experiences, past defeats, past pain. We look back and say It didn’t work out then, it probably won’t work out now. While all it is, that it didn’t work out tonight. We have got to separate what we do from who we are.


Two battles

I feel like we are all fighting two battles or two enemies at the same time as. One with the man across from you. The second is with the man inside of you. Once you control the one inside of you, the one outside doesn’t matter.

We are not handed anything. We earn everything. Every single day. Over and over again. We have to prove it. It’s in that moments of failures that we find out who we really are and what we are really about.


Fall forward

If I’m going to fall I don’t want to fall back on anything. I want to fall forward. At least that way I’m going see what I’m going to hit. Fall forward. Sometimes life will force you to become courageous.

Thomas Edison conducted one thousand failed experiments. The one thousand and one was the lightbulb. Fall forward.

Denzel Washington didn’t quit. He didn’t fall back. I walked out from one audition to prepare for the next audition and the next audition and the next audition. He continued to fail.

To get something you never had you have to do something you never did. You will fail at some point in your life. Except it. You will lose. You will embarrass yourself. You will suck at something. You’ve got to take risk and you heard that so many times. Fall forward. 


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