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“…Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might never have found the determination to succeed in the one arena I believed I truly belonged” – J.K. Rowling

She is as one of the world’s most successful authors. Many people simply know her as the woman who created Harry Potter. But, what most of us don’t know is what she went through prior to reaching her vision. Her life was not a bad of roses. She struggled tremendously. “I had failed on an epic scale. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless”. Does it sound easy for you?


The Idea

In 1990, Rowling first had the idea for Harry Potter. While she was on a train from Manchester to London fully formed idea suddenly came into her mind. She started a long process of creating a Harry Potter‘s world.  Later that year, her mother died after 10 long years of fighting Sclerosis. 


Three Chapters

Two years later she moved to Portugal to teach English. She got married and had a daughter. In 1993, her marriage ended in divorce and she moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to be closer to her sister. At that time, she had just three chapters of Harry Potter in her suitcase. When she finally finished those first three chapters, she sent the manuscript off to publishers but one after the other they quickly turned her down.

“I am not going to stand here and tell you that failure is fun. That period of my life was a dark one, and I had no idea that there was going to be”.


Broke single parent

Rowling saw herself as a failure at this time. She was a jobless, divorced and broke single parent. Suffering from depression, she eventually signed up for government-assisted welfare. She was in a very dark place and in a very difficult time in her life but she pushed through those adversities. Failure meant stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me. Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might never have found the determination to succeed in the one arena I believed I truly belonged”.


12 publishers

Somehow, she found determination and courage to finish her work. She sent it to other publishers, but again, the answer was no. Her mailbox filled up with rejection letters, but she was far from being over.

After sending her manuscript to 12 different publishers and getting rejected by every single one, she began losing confidence in her book.


8-year-old girl

A year later the editor Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury publishing house read the manuscript. And so did his 8 year-old daughter. The little girl loved the opening three chapters so much, that she begged to read the whole thing. This made Cunningham to agree to publish Harry Potter. Bloomsbury made a deal and paid a very small £1500 advance to Rowling. The book was published in 1997 with only 1000 copies, half of which were distributed to libraries. Rowling was given an advice that she should get a day job, because she wouldn’t make any money writing children’s books.  Once Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published, she simply proved everyone wrong.


107 million copies

The book won many awards including the British Book Award for Children’s Book of the Year. J.K. Rowling herself went from being a jobless single mother living off unemployment benefits to one of the bestselling authors of all time. But it didn’t happen overnight. She faced rejection and constantly strived for success. She worked hard at her craft before anyone noticed her. That practice, along with strengthening herself against rejection, was what made her work unforgettable. Looking back, the Harry Potter series has earned over $400 million in book sales only. With a 107 million copies sold, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the 5th  on the list of bestselling books in the history. Rowling is the first female to become a billionaire author.



If you have a dream or a passion and you keep getting rejected or running into failure, don’t let that stop you. If you’re going through a tough time in your life, but you’re working on something you really believe in, don’t give up. If you do, you’ll never know what could have been. Who knows, where you can end up. As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters” – J.K.Rowling


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Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen – Michael Jordan

We are getting closer to the end of the year very quickly. This is the time when the concept of your priorities often comes to life. Let’s be frank with each other, as a matter of fact it is not the list of your priorities. It’s just your wish list.  Your wish list. The things you wish will happen. Not the things you are committed to fight for. Unless you block your time to follow through with the necessary actions it will only be your wish list.



What makes you even want to make a new year’s resolutions in the first place? Why in the beginning of the year we feel that we should do it? Is it a new tradition? It goes way beyond that. It’s something inside of you that wants something better, that wants more. It’s your inner fire and desire for progress. Yes, it’s still alive although you tried to kill it so many times.


Fresh start

The 1st of January gives this idea that you can have a fresh start. Tabula Rasa. We think that it’s a time when we can change anything we wish. Well, that’s both right and wrong. The truth of the matter is we can do it whenever we truly decide and take immediate, massive actions.


Work on progress not change

People tend to say: Oh I’m working on change. I’m trying to change it. Don’t worry about it. You don’t have to work on change. Change is automatic. But progress is not. If you want to make a real progress, a real difference you’ve got to look at your life in a different way. Progress is exciting. Progress never ends. Your Journey never stops.


Resolutions Commitments

Take control over this process. Don’t hope it’s going to work out just because you made a new year’s a resolution. Isn’t that, what we are you really doing at the beginning of the year? You say, here are my resolutions for the year and those actually are only your wishes. It’s a wish list that you hope will somehow, easily and magically come together.  The real resolution cuts off every possibility except the one you’re committed to. There is no other way.


How easy is it to be lazy?

Once you have a desire and direction you need to take it a stage further. But how? To take this next step you need discipline. To get something you never had you have to do something you never did. You need to work harder and more consistent then you ever did before. Reverse this statement and tell me How easy is it not to be discipline? How easy is it to sit on your couch, watch movies, keep scrolling on your Facebook? How easy? It takes no effort.

If you are a runner you will run no matter what the weather is going to be. It can be cold or windy, it can rainy or snowy, you will still go running. Why is that? You have changed your identity. You don’t let the things that are out of your control to stop you. In order to keep on going you need to change your identity and develop proper habits.


Joyful pursuit

If you want to master any area of your life you need to work on it consistently. Be absolutely committed to the habits and practices that support you on your Journey. Ask yourself what kind of discipline you can create in your life that you will be doing consistently every day. Create a joyful habit of consistent pursuit after your vision.


Be cautious with your focus

To perform at the highest level, you must stay focus all the time. Be aware of distractions you are submitted to. Get rid of them. Don’t let anything or anyone to distract you. First be aware what are you paying attention to and change it if it’s necessary. Your time in very valuable and no one is allowed to waste it. Not even you.


Day off

Every once in a while, every week or every month, every once in a while you need to spend few extra hours to really clean your head. Be by yourself. I know that sometimes it can be very hard to find time but everyone can do it. Call me or text if you are not able to find 2 hours once a month and I’ll show you that you can.  Get your priorities in line. Sort it out. Charge your batteries. Look at your life from above. Let yourself to see the big picture. Most of those things should be done on a day to day basis but every once in a while, give it whole day. That’s a magnificent investment in your future, your vision, your dream.        


Rocks of life

If we want to advance with our priorities, first thing we need to do is to clean up our list. Let’s take the really big items, the rocks of your life, the things that will give you most significant outcomes and schedule them right away. Don’t go after smaller outcomes only because the actions are easier.  It’s so crucial to schedule and do all those really important things first.


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Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently – Henry Ford

We can all agree that Henry Ford is one of the world most famous entrepreneurs in history. We often think of him as an embodiment of success. People know him as a founder and leader of Ford Motor Company. He not only revolutionized transportation but also changed the United States forever. Ford Motor was one of the first companies to produce low-cost innovative manufacturing process, reliable vehicles, while simultaneously keeping its workers well-paid and loyal.



However, what people don’t know is that Ford launched two companies prior to Ford Motor Company. The Detroit Automobile Company and Henry Ford Company both gone bankrupt very quickly.  

Ford is no stranger to failures. But when we think about him, we don’t picture failures because all it took was just one massive success. Before his success, however, Ford encountered many failure during initial production of his first automobile.


1st Detroit Automobile Company

In 1899, at the age of 36 years old, Ford convinced William H. Murphy, a Detroit businessman, to back his automobile production and they formed his first company, the Detroit Automobile Company. Shortly after launching the company it turned out that one humongous problem was piling up.  Henry’s vision and strategy was not in line with shareholders plan. A year and a half after the company began operations, Murphy and the shareholders got restless and cold feet. Ford wanted to create the perfect automobile design, but the board saw it as paying way too much attention to details. They wanted quick results and in their eyes, he was simply not delivering. Soon after, that they dissolved the company and it went bankrupt.


2nd Henry Ford Company

After the first failure Ford changed his approach but stayed committed to his vision. He realized that he was trying to satisfy too many customer needs at once. Somehow, he to managed to convince Murphy to give him a second chance. In 1901 they made their second venture Henry Ford Company. This company also started on wrong foot. Ford felt Murphy’s expectations were unrealistic from the beginning. Murphy brought in an outside manager to supervise Ford and to have a finger on the pulse. This ended up with Henry leaving the company and leaving behind the rights to his name. That company was later renamed to the Cadillac Automobile Company.  


Still not the end

Two failures like that would be a carrier-ending moment for most people but not for Henry. By that time everyone already wrote him off but Ford recalibrated his efforts once again. He used the lessons from these failures to instruct his future success as an inventor and a businessman.


Ford Motor Company

It was Ford’s third try, the Ford Motor Company, that became a massive success over the years.  Few years after his second failure, Ford met Alexander Malcomson, a coal magnate with a risk-taking spirit like Ford. Malcomson gave Ford full control over his production, and in 1904 the company introduced the Model A.


Not a bed of roses

Do you think that after that it was a bed of roses?

Between 1903 and 1908 Ford produced the Models A, B, C, F, K, N, R, and S, most of which sold in the hundreds or few thousands a year. Not impressive at all for an automobile company. It took another 5 years to 1908 before Ford introduced Model T. Ford’s Model T went on to sell over 17 million units. Simple to drive and cheap to repair, half of all cars in America in 1918 were Model T’s. Ford ended up revolutionizing the automobile industry, pioneering not only the Model T and the assembly line, but also the concept and notion of an automobile in every home.


Failure is an opportunity to begin again

For Henry Ford, failure did not hinder innovation, but served as the impetus to hone his vision for a technology that would ultimately transform the world. In his autobiography released in 1922, Ford outlined one of principles for his organization: An absence of fear of the future and of veneration for the past. One who fears the future, who fears failure, limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity more intelligently to begin again. There is no disgrace in honest failure; there is disgrace in fearing to fail. What is past is useful only as it suggests ways and means for progress.


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Many people dream of success. I believe that success can be achieved only through repeated failure and self-analysis. Success is only one percent of your work, and the rest – bold overcoming of obstacles. If you are not afraid of them, success will come to you itself - Soichiro Honda

Mr. Soichiro Honda is a founder of the Honda Motor Co. Honda Corporation, like many other, no matter how large, was built on top of passion, persistence and desire to produce a remarkable result, but this is not a story of success. This is a story of repeated failure.


Piston Rings

Mr. Honda took everything he owned and began to develop his concept of a piston ring. Literally living in his workshop, working day and night, sleeping in the machine shop. He was convinced that he can produce the desired result. Honda even pawned his wife's jewels to stay in business. At that time, he was racing in Japanese high-speed rallies and almost died in his last race. Honda crashed into a different car at the finish line. Leaving his left arm fractured, his shoulder dislocated and his face damaged. He spent three months at a hospital. The road to the sport was closed forever for him. While still being in hospital he received an answer from the Toyota Corporation about his newly finished piston rings. Unfortunately, out of 30,000 rings he delivered to Toyota only 3 passed the quality test and he didn’t receive any contract.


Going back to school

He was so determined that after this, he was even able to changed his attitude toward education and went back to school for two more years. He didn’t change his goal, he only changed his approach. After going back to school, he heard the mocking laughter of his instructors and other students. Everybody saw his as a total failure. But that’s not how he saw himself.


The contract

He didn’t focus on the pain of that failure and decided to continue to focus on his vision. Finally, after two more years, Toyota granted him the contract he had dreamed of. Thanks to his passion and persistence he took the necessary actions and was able adjust his approach very quickly.  His belief and stubbornness was paid off but the closer he was getting the harder it was getting. Now there was even a bigger problem.


The war

Due to national preparation for the war the Japanese government refused to give him the concrete that was needed to build his factory. This seem like something that would make everybody quit, but not Mr. Honda. He didn’t quit there. He didn’t give up. He didn’t cry about it. For most of us this would mean that our dreams are crushed but absolutely not for him.


Bombs and earthquakes

Taking everything he could out of such situation Mr. Honda and his team build the factory thanks to their own inventions and resourcefulness. Unfortunately, the factory was bombarded twice during the war and after that destroyed even more by an earthquake. Honda assumed that the country is entering into a period of poverty and decided to sell his piston operation to Toyota. How many of us would have quit right there? But Mr. Honda was different. He was determined to succeed. He made all the necessary decisions, had the right strategy, took massive actions, had passion and belief in his vision, kept changing his approach but still couldn’t get the outcome he was after. But he didn’t give up.



After the war, due gasoline shortage in Japan Mr. Honda couldn't even drive his car to get food for his family. Again, he did what he was best at. He used the resources he had around him. Attaching a small motor to his bicycle and using a fir oil that was very popular in the countryside of Japan in those times. This newly developed bike became very trendy along his neighbors and quickly he ran out of motors. He wanted to build a factory but he didn't have the necessary capital.


“Overnight success”

Do you think this could stop him? Of course, not. He was determined to follow through with his vision. By sending a personal letter to the 18,000 bicycle shop owners in Japan he had raised the capital he needed. This makes his kind of a present-day pioneer of crowd founding. It took him another few years and quite a few major changes but his motorbike called "The Super Cub" became an "overnight" success in the eyes of the public. This even earning him the Emperor's award. By 1958, when “Super Cub” model came to the U.S., Honda was already the largest Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles.


Trials and errors

Honda succeeded because he understood the power of a truly committed decision and acted upon the conditions he was presented to. His secret lies in the fact that he was guided by his trials and errors, and was always ready to fail. In Mr. Honda’s eyes one of the essential quality of a great businessman, is the ability to take risks. He did not admit defeat and was willing to risk everything for his beliefs and ideas, in order to achieve a goal. All his life Mr. Honda was fighting with adversities, disadvantages, traditional thinking and principals. Later in life he said: “Looking back on my work, I feel that I was doing nothing more than mistakes, blunders and serious omissions. But I am proud of the achievements. Although I did one mistake after another, my mistakes and failures never occurred to the same reasons”.


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"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle" – Abraham Lincoln


"...When I was young, there was an amazing publication called The Whole Earth Catalog, which was one of the bibles of my generation...It was sort of like Google in paperback form, 35 years before Google came along: it was idealistic, and overflowing with neat tools and great notions... Stewart and his team put out several issues of The Whole Earth Catalog, and then when it had run its course, they put out a final issue. It was the mid-1970s, and I was your age. On the back cover of their final issue was a photograph of an early morning country road, the kind you might find yourself hitchhiking on if you were so adventurous. Beneath it were the words: "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." It was their farewell message as they signed off...And I have always wished that for myself. And now, as you graduate to begin anew, I wish that for you. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." – Steve Jobs

Never get satisfied

The one thing most successful and happiest people have in common is hunger. That sounds very simplistic but I believe that’s the single most important element that separates the quality of people’s life’s. It’s not only the ability to have hunger. Hunger means that you want more. That you want more of yourself. You want to make a bigger difference. You want to be a better parent. You want to do something more than there is today and that you never get satisfied.


Born hungry

Most people start out with hunger in the early stage of life and they lose it. They get it back either because something happened, they had a birthday with the zero in it, they’ve gone through a divorce, they’re starting a business or they’re best in the world and they’re always looking for that edge that makes the difference.


How do we lose hunger?

Everybody is born with hunger. Deep inside of us there’s a desire to grow, to expand, to learn and then disappointment sets in early in life for most people. Then we look to blame something outside of ourselves. There are many events in our life that are going to affect us. We all had pain, failures, disappointments, challenges but it’s how we’re going to deal with them that really matter. It’s very easy to let it eat your hunger. Don’t ever let it happen. 


I can do it

I most difficult thing that I’ve done in my life was to believe that it is possible, that I can do more, that I have something valuable in myself, that I can grow, that I can do better and be better.

Have you ever thought about something you wanted to do and you talk yourself out of it? Do you want me to help you fix it? There is one thing you already know but you keep forgetting about it. You are going to die.


You’re going to die

I’m going to die. You’re going to die. We’re all going to die. That’s very clear, right? But we don’t think about every day and maybe we should? All the things we’re putting off for later will probably never going to happen. All the things you wish you’ve said, all the things you wish you’ve done are gone forever. Now, imagine yourself on the deathbed. Are you going to regret anything? Are those going to be the things you’ve done or the once you didn’t do? I will save you from guessing, The number one regret people have on the deathbed is: I wish I had a courage to live the live I was destined to live. That I had a purpose in life. I wish I’ve done all those things I wanted to.


Happiness and Hunger?

What happiness has got to do with hunger? To give you a hint we first nee to answer the question: What really is happiness?

My definition is extremely short. Happiness is progress. To be able to grow and make progress on a daily basis you’ve got to be constantly hungry. Once you stop being hungry, the game stops and you literally start dying.  That’s it. That’s so simple yet incredibly strong connection.


What happens once you hit your target?

If you’re constantly improving, getting better, getting closer you’re going to love it. You’re going to feel alive. On the other hand, you can be extremely successful but if you will stop growing you will start dying inside. How do you feel when you get to your goal? Excited and fulfilled for a month, a week or maybe few days. What happens after that? You get used to your prize and it becomes just your everyday reality. If you don’t get better, grow further, create another goal and get closer towards your vision, you will not stay it this state of happiness. 


Stay committed

If you want to be successful at anything in life never stop setting new goals. You need to do something that will make you committed to your dream. Being in action is the best state to commit to follow through. You are making that call, scheduling up a meeting, signing up for a course, buying a gym membership, going for that run. The bigger the action is going to be the bigger commitment it’s going to create. You’re doing something to set up structure and emotions to keep going towards your dream.


Decide everyday  

If you can’t summon up the energy, the excitement, the enthusiasm, the drive and the hunger for something then your life, your every day is going to be a struggle to wake up to. When you crawl out for underneath the covers every morning and you sit on the edge of the bed you have a choice before you. Decide to become actively involved in your goal, you vision, your dream. Explore different possibilities. Decide that you’re going to look at it and do just a little bit of it right now. Decide to do it now. 


Are you going to be here tomorrow?

Have you made it yet? Have you decided? What are you waiting for? You think you’ve got time but are you sure about it? Are sure you are going to be here tomorrow? I can tell you that I’m not sure if I will. How many people were here yesterday and are not here today? Many of them were sure just like you that they will be here today. There’s no guarantees you are going to show up tomorrow. There are a lot of opportunities that were around yesterday, there’re not here today.


What does it take to succeed?

Hunger is the single most important factor in success. You have to have a deep desire to go after your dream. You have to be hungry to succeed. People that are hungry are uncommon people. They have a vision to live a life of contribution and fulfilment.  They have a vision not to leave liabilities and grief but legacy and happiness. They are hungry to accomplish and give more. Those people are willing to do today the things others won’t do, because they envisioned at the same time that tomorrow they will have things others won’t have. Hungry people are relentless. They are unstoppable. They refuse to give up.

No excuse is acceptable.

You can wait but you already know what Abraham Lincoln said: Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. 


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They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they're all the same - Kurt Cobain

Confidence is one of the best traits you can have. Arrogance is one of the worst, and the line between the two can be very blurry. Some people are worried that if they become confident, they’ll cross the line into arrogance. Or even if they don’t other people will perceive their new confidence as arrogance.



Let’s start with the obvious one. Confidence is attached to reality and it backs up what it says. Arrogance is excessive and is often proven to be far from reality. The lesson is: don’t talk if you can’t back it up. But the defining aspect of arrogance as you’re most likely to encounter it or even exhibit it is loudness. Confidence is a firm statement – arrogance is a scream.

In addition, arrogance comes through when someone’s status or track record leads them to believe or behave as if they are superior to other people. Don’t let yourself believe that you are better than others because you’re not.



No matter what success you have in life you need to get clear on your values and standards so that you know how you and other people should behave. Those standards apply whether you are at the top of your industry or just breaking in. Do not let yourself believe that you are better than other people because you have achieved more. Arrogance is never a sign of confidence. What’s more arrogance and diminishing others will never serve you any good in a long run.


Credit of success

Lastly, you can spot arrogance by how it shares or doesn’t the credit of success. No one does it by themselves. People are trained by coaches, mentors, supported by family or friends, pushed by their competition and as cheesy as it sounds we want that acknowledged during a victory. When we see people giving credit to others, we realize they know the contribution of others and we see those people as less arrogant.



In summary, confidence is secure because it is based on reality. It’s quiet. It doesn’t act morally superior and remains humble while acknowledging others and even luck but it still has conviction built both through experience and through visualizations.



Arrogance may look like extreme confidence and I think that’s why people are worried that confidence will turn to arrogance. But the way that arrogance is created is almost exactly the opposite of confidence.

Arrogance is nothing more than a compensation for someone’s  insecurities.


Need for approval

Arrogance very often comes from those insecurity. The arrogant person may still visualize themselves winning but their visualizations focus more on the praise that they will receive than on the achievement itself. And that is because arrogant people feel like they need a constant stream of external approval so they’ll give opinions where they have no experience. They’ll flaunt their successes loudly and still not feel great inside.



Arrogance occurs when you identify your self-worth with your skills and your opinions. Because they are yours, they must be superior and if they weren’t superior you would feel worthless. Confidence occurs when your self-worth is so solid that you can evaluate your skills honestly. Sure, you’re going to put in the work to make sure those skills are top notch and that your opinions are well-founded though you always recognize that they can probably be improved. You don’t need them to be superior or perfect to feel like you are enough.



Confident people don’t feel the need to brag. Their accomplishments do it for them. Arrogant people always find a way to brag and top whatever you just said.  While confidence is often shown in saying I don’t know the answer, arrogance is a conviction and a need to always have an answer. Since arrogant people are only concerned about themselves, they’re not really listening to you. Not only are they always on the lookout for someone else to talk to, they interrupt the conversation frequently.



While deep-rooted confidence takes some time to develop, you can boost your situational confidence very, very quickly. Do you want to find out how?  Follow my blog posts.

Confidence is inspiring. Arrogance turn people off.  Confidence gets hired but arrogance is shown the door.


Now be honest with yourself. What are you? Are you confident or unsure? Are you self-assured or are you arrogant?


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We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking – Santosh Kalwar

Most of people take a little and turn into a lot. They focus on what’s wrong and they run a whole story around it. What we need to do, is to take all that noise and turn it into music.



Unfortunately, most people are spectators. They spend majority of their time watching entertainment, sporting events, television. That’s what majority of people do. Majority of people spend their time and their money on things that provide them release from their lives. From stress. They look for distractions. Do you like to consume other people problems? No? So why do you watch TV? Don’t you have your own problems? I know I have and so do you.


Viewer, recorder, projector

Your eyes are only viewers but your brain is a recorder and projector that is running a different story over every picture. We can all have different filters and focal points in the same story. That is why so often we catch ourselves and our friends on telling the same story it two totally different ways. Focusing on different events, different people, giving it in fact totally different meaning. Don’t ever give fear the power to write your script. Make a conscious choice to perceive challenges as something beneficial so you can deal with them in the most productive way.




Stop being a lazy person that’s full of excuses. Stop coming up with every excuse in the book for why you are not wining.  You are the reason why you’re not wining. You keep messing with evil, negative and dysfunctional people. Stop complaining about being out of shape when you never go to the gym. Stop complaining about the way you look when you eat everything in sight. You are the reason you look the way you look. You are the reason you are unemployed. You are the reason you are negative. You are the reason you are unhappy. You are the reason.

We are being raised in a generation of people that come up with every excuse in the book as to why they are not wining. Excuses sound best to the people that’s making them up. You’ve got every excuse in the world that’s why nothing ever change and nothing will change. You have convinced yourself that everything is negative, wrong and nothing will change. Guess what? You are right. It won’t change. Change your mind and it will change your life.


Pity Party

So many people thought their way into depression. They thought their way into negativity and misery. It’s all in the mind. Change your mind and it will change your life. You just have to wake up. You just have to break that negative spirit. You have to break that pattern.

I don’t feel sorry for you but you feel sorry for yourself and that’s the problem.  Even when positive people are trying to give you all this good energy you have tricked your mind to turn every positive thing that they say into something negative. Every time they say anything to motive you and inspire you, you turn it into something negative.

If nothing around you changes, change the things around you.

The outcome of your life and your carrier is based on the choices that you make. Get of the pity party.


Challenge yourself

Honor that quiet voice within you and continue to saturate your mind with positive things. Continue to look for people with talents, abilities, skills and surround yourself with people from which you can learn and grow. This will allow you to develop new skills, new talents, new abilities, new relationships, new resources. As you learn, as you grow, as you develop, you will discover things you can do, that you don’t even realize yet. Most people fail in live not because they aim to high and miss.  Most people fail in live because they aim too low and hit. What’s even worse some people don’t even aim at all. I did that for many years and it only brought me stress, fear and frustration. There are things you can do, that you haven’t try yet and you’ve got to challenge yourself. Well, I’ve tried some things and they didn’t work out. So, what? That’s how it should be. You should fail many times. Fail your way to success.



Your story is also represented in the language you are using both internally in your mind and externally to communicate with your environment. Language is the software of your mind. It has the power to change your statement. It has the power to change emotions. It has the power to change your story. What you do, what you accomplish is a result of what you believe and the story that is in your head. The story might be magnificent, powerful but if your language is negative or sluggish you will never get there.


Fill your head

Fill your head with words that empower you. You have got greatness within you. Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Surround yourself with people who have goals and dreams. Mastermind, encourage and inspire each other and you will develop strategy and synergy to do more than you ever begin to imagine. You have something special. You have greatness within you.


Your story

Most of us had those big dreams in our childhood about being a hero. Some of us still have them when we get older. It was either about saving people from a humongous fire, catching extremely dangerous criminal mastermind or making a winning shot, scoring a vital goal in championship game. We felt marvelous, significate and powerful. When we are younger we dream about all those things but later we don’t even dare to do that. Why have we stopped doing that? Maybe because we have become disappointed or we got frustrated by life. Maybe we are disappointed at ourselves. Whatever the reason might be we need to purposely come back to this habit of being a hero is our own story. In the end, regardless if we want it or not, we are the main characters in our story and it’s totally up to us to be a great hero.


Be a hero in your own story. 

How you will write and live your own story will determine, what kind of a hero you can become and how many secrets will be revealed to you.


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Genius is 1 percent talent and 99 percent hard work – Albert Einstein

You heard it so many time and you still don’t believe it, do you? Why? Because it’s the easiest thing to do and let’s face it most of us are just lazy. That’s how we have been developed by centuries of evolution. We take the easiest path. What’s even worse we take a break on the side of that path and sit there for a few years.  Some of us sit there for the rest of our life and wait to be rescued. We want to be given a chance but we don’t do anything to create it for ourselves.


Is it just talent


The separation of talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel, who have dreams, who want to do things. Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft’ – Will Smith

Misinterpretation of talent is just astonishing to me. Talent is overrated and almost always it is mistaken with hard work. Don’t get me wrong I believe in its existence but it’s only the part that let some people take faster and with bigger leaps. Talent without hours and hours of working on your craft will not get you anywhere. Most times what gets labeled as talent is hours and hours of hard work. Simple as that.



Most of us have a story that we are not good at something because we’re not talented in that area. You could be talented in running but pure talent will not take you anywhere. Without hours and hours of training, sweat and pain there is no way you could run a marathon under 4 hours. Show up every day and inch yourself towards your vision. Every day you have to take action that moves you closer to achieving your dreams. You have to be moving every day. Add value every day. Get your ambition and multiply it by ten.  Think and dream big but start with small actions. Start where you are with what you have because what you have is plenty.


Hard work beats talent

As mentioned before nothing in life is free. Nothing happens overnight. When you see greatness in someone you often think that is a pure talent or great gift. You don’t see and or think about massive amount of hard work behind it. NBA’s  2014 Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant said ‘Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard’. Nothing is free. Why don’t you believe it? Why are you still waiting for that?


Brief Story

If you are indeed talented but you won’t be working your socks off, you will never be successful. Never. You will probably be off to a good start but you will never reach your full potential. You will be one of those brief stories about wasted talent. We all know so many of them. Our friend form high school or college team. I have seen it and I bet you have seen it too.


Results will come

I was attending athletic high school and one of the other classes was a basketball class. They were playing really good and in the first year in school they’ve became national high school champions. Instant success. Along those talented players there was a guy who I was playing against just a year erlier in a primary school game. He wasn’t any good. Not even decent. Slow, not athletic enough. He had very little skills and even smaller understanding of the game. But he was on the team due to his size. I think he was about 200 cm (6 foot 7) in the 8th grade. That was quite a size for a high school kid in Poland. He was not the star of that high school team. Most of the players from that team went to play for a local team in one of the lower leagues. Very quickly one by one they were quitting.  Until he was the only one left. I don’t think you can say that he was very talented but it’s obvious how persistent he was. He worked really hard. He didn’t quit. In 2015 he was the first player from that high school team who debuted in the highest ranked polish basketball league. That is a great example of the power of persistence and it can easily be an inspiration to keep on grinding. Results will come you just need to be patient.



If you ask anyone Do you want to be successful?  Do you want to live a life of contribution? Do you want to accomplish your vison, achieve you goal, fulfil your dreams? Do you want to be better? Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to be rich? Do you want to be happy? Everybody will say YES! The true expectations don’t show up in your word but in your behavior and in your actions. I can tell what do you expect by what you do. Your behavior when nobody’s watching. It takes tons and tons of work. There will be a million reasons why not but there’s one great reason WHY. It’s your vision. Preserver and stay focused. Practice is not to be done once you become good, whereas it is required to become good. 

Talent and good intensions are never enough.


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The impediment to actions advances actions. What stands in the way becomes the way – Marcus Aurelius

Don’t give up

Have you already started? Are you still going? Don’t give yourself a way out. You will hit many obstacles on the way, you will fall on your face, you will find yourself in the middle of the storm but you cannot stop. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on going. Obstacle is a chance.


Chance to grow

You will trip and you will fall many time. Your Journey will be stacked with obstacles. It’s going to get easier once you face that fact. You can’t run away from all of your problems. They will catch you sooner or later and if you will give them time to grow they will get much bigger, deeper and stronger. Face your problems right away. Face them NOW. Use your problems, difficulties or issues as an opportunity to grow.


Three disciplines

Stoicism philosophy suggest that are three primary disciplines you can use when you stand before such problems:

1. Perception

The story you tell yourself about what you experience greatly impact what that thing will actually be for you. The meaning you’ll give it is the ultimate label. That label might stick with it forever. Remember that your perception is totally up to you.

2. Action

Respond with creativity, persistence, ingenuity. Not only think outside of the box but act as there were no boxes at all. Don’t worry about your limitations. You are not able to control everything around but remember that the most important thing is what you’re going to do about it. You can control any given situation by your actions. 

3. Will

The will is looking at the parts of our life that we don’t control.  We don’t control death, we don’t control that people might hurt us in life and quite often we might not be ready for that. I see that concept as a Harmony.  The discipline of Harmony is about building that inner fortitude and strength. Understanding our own mortality. There are things and causes bigger than us.


Three obstacles

Most of us face three major obstacles that stop us from advancing in life, reaching our goals and living to our potential. Let’s fight our inner enemies.

1. Indifference

You’ve got to battle with your own indifference. It’s easy to coast with everybody else. Especially if you’ve accomplished something extraordinary. Now the thought of well-deserved rest come to play. I’ve got to relax here, right? The key is not too long. The weeds will grow all over your plants if you rest too long. Don’t rest too long.

2. Indecision

You’ve got to make those decisions. The ones that don’t turn out to be good give you the experience to make better decisions. Don’t let much time without making some decisions. The ones you can make quickly, just make quickly. The ones that take time, take your time but get those decisions made. Don’t let indecision be an enemy that robs you of the future. Don’t let that happen. The ball is in your hands. Don’t give it away.

3. Doubt

There are doubts on outside. People doubt that Europe is going to make it. People doubt that UK is going to make it after the Brexit. People doubt that World is going to make it. But I’m asking you not to pick up all those doubts. I’m asking you to have some faith, to have some courage and believe. Drive your doubts into a small corner. Don’t let them loose like a mad dog and drive you into a small corner. Don’t doubt the future. Don’t doubt the possibilities. The most important one is: Don’t doubt the yourself. If I have the indestructible power to change my life so, do you. If I have the ability to change so, do you. If I have the ability to read so, do you. If I can discover, so can you. If I can grow, you can grow.


How to overcome doubts?

We wonder and doubt whether or not we are capable, whether or not we are worthy, whether or not we will succeed. We are doubtful because our past failures, because people are telling us we can’t do it. We are surrounded and constantly limited by doubts. It’s up to you to change yourself and your environment. You need to live in a world of certainty. If you don’t have a sense of certainty, the first time you get tempted, the first time you run into a challenge you will give up.

The only way to overcome your doubts is to face them. If you don’t face your doubts they will bring fear. That happens every day. It’s not about getting rid of doubt but it should never prevent you from taking action. Heroes have doubts and fears but they find courage do it anyway. Courage is not that big or great act. It all about having the belief in yourself to act. Believe in yourself more and that will bring more action.


Break that belief

We tend to delay doing the most important things. Why? Because know it will takes a lot of time and effort to do them. We are afraid to fail so we feel a lot safer not to try at all. Break that limiting belief. Take action NOW. Try. Willpower (Link) is like a muscle you can train and grow it but remember that it also gets tired. Do the most important things first in the morning before your willpower gets depleted.

What have you been delaying lately? What is it? Bring it up. Do it NOW.


Thanks for reading! 🙂
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Tough times never last, but tough people do - Robert H. Schuller

Let’s face it’s not going to be easy. There is nothing easy about the thing you want to do. Tough times are going to come. Fear is going to come. Failure is going to come. Winter is going to come. That shouldn’t be a surprise because tough times were here before, right? Fear was here. Failure was here. So was winter but we always seem surprised and feel disappointed when it comes back. Why this keeps happening to us? I would risk saying that we are not prepared to what’s coming at us. Tough times are coming at us with a full blast. Winter is coming. So how can we prepare?


You are the reason

You need to develop strong enough reasons to follow through when it’s going to get tough. Your intention is everything. Nothing in your life happens without it. Nothing ever in life has been and never will be accomplish without it. There will be a million reasons why not but there’s one great reason WHY. It’s your vision. You are the reason you think the way you think, you are the reason you act the way you act, you are the reason the way you are. It’s up to you to change it what needs to be changed. Persevere and stay focused.



Don’t criticize what you’ve got. Instead turn what you’ve got into the miracle of your future. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Sometimes your real dream will reveal itself once you start going towards your goal. Do not limit your belief or what you are capable of based on your skill set today. Your skill set today has nothing to do with whether or not you can accomplish your future vision. The important things are the skills you need to learn to get there. New routines, new habits, new friends, new mentors. Every big goal is impossible at first, but with every inch, with every step you take in becomes more and more possible.


Clean up your neglect

We tend to delay doing the most important things. Why? Because we know it will take a lot of time and effort to do them. We are afraid to fail so we feel a lot safer not to try at all. Break that limiting belief.  Clean up your neglect. How? If you feel you should work out and you could work out but you don’t work out, it’s a clear sign that you are on the wrong track. If you feel you should learn and could learn but you don’t learn, it’s a clear sign that you are on the wrong track. If you feel you should read and could read but you don’t read, it’s a clear sign that you are on the wrong track. Should call. Could call. Don’t call. On the wrong track. Should change. Could change. Don’t change. You are on the wrong track. Conversation you haven’t had, calls you didn’t make, hours you didn’t practice. Get that job done. Don’t let neglect destroy your day, Don’t let neglect destroy your future.


Do what you can

Go back and do what you can. If you do what you can then life will give you some extraordinary things to do. You start with the smallest of disciplines and do not neglect them and do not disregard them as being trifling. Everything matters. Everything is important. All disciplines affect each other. Do not disregard the smallest of disciplines. Do not neglect the smallest of disciplines and build on that foundation and you can have everything you can possibly want. Take care of your smallest disciplines one by one until you get to the bigger ones. By that time you’re going to have experience, knowledge and skillset to take care of the bigger issues.


How to prepare for winter?

What I can do about the upcoming winter of my life? What I can do about the challenges that I know I’m going to face? Here’s what you can do. You can get wiser and stronger. Wiser and stronger.  Come home smarter than you left. Go home with more ideas that you had. Next get stronger. You can develop the muscle. You can develop the courage muscle. You can develop the inspiration muscle. You can develop the discipline muscle. You can get stronger. Anybody can get stronger. You can develop the mental strength and ability to handle anything. After a while your friends might not even recognize you because of how strong you have become.


The key is not to wish for a better winter.  The key is to wish for more strength, more wisdom or courage and actually get better, get wiser, get stronger.


Thanks for reading! 🙂
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