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People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing - Dale Carnegie

Is there even a life after it?

Most of us find it extremely hard to get back to our duties after being on holiday. In best cases scenario, we are only distracted and a lot slower for couple of days. Unfortunately, way to often it goes far beyond that. Many of us feel disappointed, frustrated, deceived, sometimes even scared or depressed. Sound heavy but it’s not a joke.


Fear of the unknown

We know it’s coming. We know we have to get back to work. We’ve done it many times. We know we’ll have to go through it again and we set our self that it’s going to be hard. Everybody around us says that it’s rough and nasty. And we fall for that. It takes us at least a week to get back to life and we seem to be everywhere but here and now.


Reminders of reality

We are constantly asked How fun it was? What did you do? Where have you been? We are constantly reminded we are back to worse reality. That our time there was a dream. This is what’s real and it sucks! But why does it suck? Do we really think so or is it someone else’s idea?


Why does it suck?

For me it’s a matter of mindset and our own decisions. If you will be only thinking that something great is over and now you have to go back to your grey, boring and unfulfilling job, don’t be surprised that you’re going to feel the same way. Let me just tell you that those are not your thoughts. This is a mindset that is everywhere around you and you just didn’t figure it could be any different. It can. What’s even more important you can do it too.


Reverse engineer

Reverse engineer your unconscious way thinking. Don’t think about all the things you hate about going back to work. Don’t think about waking up early. Don’t think about the backlog and overload of work you’re going to have. Don’t think about co-workers you can’t stand. Don’t think about those boring assignments. The list goes on and on.


How much do you love it?

Start thinking about all those things you love and like about your job. All the chances you have to work on yourself, your skills, your character, your resume and experience. Think that this job gave you money to go on those wonderful holidays. Now you can start saving for the next trip. Isn’t this exciting? It surely is for me. Think about all the colleagues you love to joke around or learn from. Remind yourself how much they are giving you and how much you’re giving in return. How great does it feel to get back home after a tough day at work? How much do you love to sleep at your own bad? This could be even a longer list if you choose to. Being on holiday for half of your life won’t get you any closer to your dreams. Not a bit. So, think about your purpose, your plan, your dream, your vision. In order to get there, you need to get back to work. There is no other way.


Find a way

Just to get one thing straight I’m trying to convince you to paint the grass green. If you hate your job and if it suffocates you, change it. Some of you are going to say easier said than done Mr. smarty pants. But you know what’s even harder for most of us? It’s making a decision that you’re going to find a better job. Not wishing. Not looking for a job. Not going sending applications and going for interviews. The crucial part is making the decision that you are already out and now you are going to find a better job. From now on it’s a matter of time. If it’s not possible today don’t cry about it. Work on yourself harder than you work on your job. Build your resume. Acquired news skills and sharpen those that you already have. Pay attention, learn, get inspired, model the masters in your field. Decide to find a way.  


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Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question

We have previously learned in Power of Questions? Part 1 why it’s so important to start asking questions to yourself. Question yourself first and then start adding value to your life and other people life. Hopefully after reading this article you will jump with me on this one-day challenge. I am not asking for much. One day. One question. That’s it.


Tenacious curiosity

During the curse of our life we face a lot of problems, do you agree? Some people say that there are no problems only opportunities. Of course there are lessons to be learned in every problem, opportunity or failure but we still have to deal with them. There is a great technique to revel the roots of our problem, including inaction. It is the method of 5 Whys. It is a simple interrogative technique to explore the case, that was developed by Sakichi Toyoda and used at first by Toyota Corporation. The method simply comes to asking the question Why? As many times as it takes to raise emotions. In most cases after the 5th Why? you will discover the root cause of the problem. Besides releveling the nature of the case usually the solution will become clear. As I said the idea of this technique is very simple but getting it right is not so easy. You might think it is just asking few question, how hard it could be?


Requests for information

Well, this may come as a surprise for you, but as it turns out it’s problematic because we don’t really know how to ask questions. We ask questions without even thinking about them. How was school? How was work? Did you like it? Are we really looking for answers or are we just subconsciously feel obligated to ask them? First thing is that we are not really sure what information we want to get by asking those question? Questions are simply requests for information but we tend to forget about it. If we get to the third question, and most people stop at two, it has nothing to do at all with the first on. Even if we know what information we are looking for, we give up on this quest surprisingly easily. What you need to do to identify the roots of your inactions, is to practice asking questions based on the 5 Whys model.


Adding value

Those very simple and basic things will allow you to add a great amount of value to your life. If you’re asking yourself better and more specific questions you are going to discover greater capabilities within yourself. There is a lot in you that you don’t know yet. Don’t you want to uncover that?



It will also allow you to influence others in a far greater way. I’m not talking about manipulating. I’m talking about helping, leading, motivating and inspiring. Once you are able to help others and ask them better questions, then you are going to be the person everyone always wants at the meeting. You are going to be the person everyone always wants to ask questions. You are going to become the influencer in the group because you’re helping people think of the things they wouldn’t usually do. If you will become that go to person, all the big ideas they have, they are going to want to bounce against you. Benefit from that and let others inspire you on your Journey. 


What do you want?

From being miserable at work, to loving it. Being successful means to me to be able to respond and actually anticipate the invitation of an upcoming opportunity. It is always an opportunity to grow, to develop, to become and to progress. But the biggest, the most fulfilling of all successes is making your life what you want it to be. Now the big question is What do you want from life? What do you really want?


Dig deeper

We have much more powerful capabilities than most of us think that we have. By asking the right questions you can control your fear. You can get your priories in line and understand what is going on. Questions build your vision, your dreams and your Journey. Don’t go for the first answers. Dig deeper. Go further. Don’t be ashamed to ask 5 follow up questions. Get into the core of the case or a problem. The more you understand something, the more confidence you have in that area. Ignorance and unawareness won’t get you anywhere. Ask more and better questions, learn more about your colleagues, your friends, your business partners, your employees and understand them better. In work and business environment we actually know very little about each other. By asking those question you will get a great connection point, a great start to your next small talk. You will get them more comfortable and get yourself a very powerful leverage of knowledge, trust and personal bond. Our life is long game but not all of us are playing a long game. Treat those question as investment and don’t expect a quick payback. Payback will come but you have to be patient.


One Question

Now I dare you to ask one extra question to each person you interact with at work. One question. Tomorrow. It could be interactions by the coffee machine, at the meeting, training session, by your desk, wherever. Make this question a little bit private. Don’t ask about weather. Make it positive and light. If you are asking How was your weekend? Try to go a little bit deeper. Look for good in others. Be creative. Be playful. Ask this one question, enrich your everyday interaction and relationship. One question. How hard it can be?  


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Time is what we want most, but what we use worst – William Penn


The biggest excuse in human history is: I have no time. You’re constantly telling yourself you have no time. Be honest and think do you fall for that as well? I know I did. Actually I didn’t even fall for that because I was living in that rabbit hole. I have no time is the biggest lie you will ever hear. What’s even more sad and disappointing it comes out of you as well. We all have the same 24 hours, 1 440 minutes and 86 400 seconds in a day.


When you say you don’t have time, it actually means that something else was more important to you. Do you even realize what that was? You can fool me but you won’t fool yourself.

If you ever catch yourself on thinking I have no time to do it stop immediately. Do you really want or need to do it? If the answer is NO, just say This is not something I want or need to do. If it’s YES, then decide when you’re going to do it.


Clean it up. Change your to-do list into a map of your priorities. Put it in the center scope of your focus. First, take the big items, the rocks of your life, the things that will give you most significant outcomes and schedule them. Then commit to some block time for those actions that matters to you. Commit to the most important things and then schedule those other items.

Block times can move. Scheduled times can’t. With scheduled times you have made a commitment to another person and you can’t move it by yourself. That’s why it’s so crucial to do all the things that are important to you first.



Lost time is never found again -  Benjamin Franklin

Out of our lack of focus, lack of responsibility, lack direction and our detachment we literally waste our life. How much time do you really waste? How much time a day? On average we are distracted for about 4-5 hours every day just by watching TV and browsing internet. And you have the guts to say I don’t have time for this or that. This just isn’t true. Of course you have time but you prefer to be lazy. That is cold heart truth but someone had to tell you that.


13 years. Wake up. Now it stopped being funny, right? We miss 13 years of experience, learning, grow, giving, sharing, exploring new places.

We like to repeat over and over again that Life is short and we have short time to live. Wouldn’t it be great to start saying Life is long enough to accomplish whatever I can dream of.