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The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake - Meister Eckhart

What’s possible for someone is also possible for you. That’s sounds very cliché, but that’s how I chose to see it. OK, but how can you get to the next level? You need to learn to dominate. You perfectly know how to compete but now is the time to learn how to get what you want from your life. Anybody can do this. This is not about your past, your experience, your education, it’s even not about your skills, it’s about massive amount of action.


What’s your price?

Whatever is your price, whatever you think you are worth, you’re going to get it. Whatever celling you’re going to put over your head, it will be visible to the whole world. If you are going to limit yourself, your prize will never exceed your expectations. One of my friends was applying to the same company I was working at, I’ve met her just before her interview and one of the thing she asked me was salaries in the company. She told me the price she wanted to put on herself and I was amazed how low it was. I was encouraging her to raise that price significantly but she ended up lifting it up just a little bit. In the end, she has got what she asked for and not a penny more. The company was not even negotiating. That should tell you something. The price tag you put on yourself, your skills, your work, your time will determine what you will get in return. You will never get more than you’ve asked for. Never.  The world will never appreciate you if you won’t. The world will never reward you if you won’t. What is you price now?


Wake your desire

Are you waiting for your vision to enlighten you? You need to decide what do you want your life to be about? Who do you want to be? What do you desire to go after? Sometimes to create your vision you need to go out there. Experience different things. Explore the world. Explore yourself. Stimulate your mind. Play and have fun with it. Desire is built on experience. Have desire for this journey to grow into the kind of person you would really admire.


Four elements

How to get there? How to get ahead? What are the ideas, the strategies to get ahead? There are four elements to get ahead, to progress, to grow.


  1.  Becoming more aware who you are and what is your mission. What specifically do you want to get ahead to? Be deliberate with your thoughts and actions you take. Consciously direct your life to your envisioned destination.


  1. Knowledge. Skills. Ability. Study your craft. What’s the thing you need to study on? Model and learn from most successful people in your field and start doing it over and over again. Learning at your own experience is the most expensive because it costs you time. How much time do you have to spare? Don’t wish anything to be easier and instead do anything to be better at it.


  1. If you really want to get ahead it’s going to take another level of commitment. If you want to live in your vision, raise the level of your commitment. Get rid of distractions and the thought that you can do anything and everything at the same time. Olympic athletes tend to shine in one discipline. Why? Because it takes that much commitment in one area to become great at it. That’s how you get ahead. Commit to being focused on most important actions and outcomes.


  1. To get congruent, you first need to get congruent with yourself. Find your magic. Be congruent with what you are really capable of, not with what you’re used to in your life. Change the way you think of yourself. Once you do that, your body and your unconsciousness behaviors will start moving towards that. Your body will desire to be congruent with your thoughts about yourself.


Clear direction

You have to have that clear direction in your mind. It needs to be as crystal clear and specific as possible. At any given moment in your life you can do only one thing. How do you choose what to do? Do you make that choice at all or do you let it be done for you? The outcomes of your life are based on the choices you make. Actually, the person you are today is simply an outcome of all your choices and decisions in life to this date. Are you clear on who you are and who you want to be? There is no shame in saying or thinking that you’re not sure. In fact, it takes a great deal of courage, congruence and honesty. Most of people have no idea but it doesn’t mean you need to be like them.


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