Life is easy. Living is hard.


In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best things is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing – Theodore Roosevelt

Quite often we hear the sentence Live fast, die young! but is this what we really want? I’m sure it’s not what I want. What I truly want is to Die young at an old age.     


Don’t just live your life. Build your life.

Life is easy. No I’m not crazy and everything is not perfect in my life. But life is easy. From the beginning of our life we are though life’s hard, having a fulltime job is hard, raising kids is hard, working out is hard, running, standing in line, writing, reading. So when we grow up we are absolutely convinced that life is tough, life is unfair bitch but it’s not. 


We have food, we have roof over our heads, we have family and friends to help us. Our life is convenient. It takes almost no effort to slide smoothly on the surface. It so easy to put your dreams and passions aside, go get a job, raise kids who most likely will do the exact same thing. There’s nothing bad about it but there is nothing inspiring and great about it.


Life is easy. Living, truly living and chasing your dream is hard. Living is a true bitch. Living is tough especially when you ask yourself what am I dying to do? What is it that burns in my heart? What is my inner fire about?

Answering that question isn’t the end, it’s just a beginning, it’s just a spark. Once you have that fire burning you need to constantly feed it. You need to remind yourself everyday about your vision.

All of us have taken up certain a hobby, an endeavor or a workout that we stopped just for a couple days and we’ve never picked it up again. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

I have done it at least hundred times. Starting, being all in, stopping just for moment, starting something different, stopping. Again and again. You need to constantly remind yourself that you’re dying and that you’re dying to do something. The minute you forget life cribs back in.


You cannot go with the flow all the time. Sometimes you’ve got to dive deep, go under or around. Whatever’s necessary. Is the thing that you desire on the surface? Or is on the bottom of the ocean? What is the value of the things flowing on the surface? I would say it is usually close to none.

So why do you go for that? Why we all do it? Because it doesn’t take much effort. It’s easy. It’s accessible. You take the path of least resistance, knowing at the same time that the most valuable things are down there on the bottom. All the treasures are there. But it takes a lot of effort to get there, a lot of tries, a lot of failures. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take time. You will not do it with the first try. You will be tired; you might be exhausted but it’s worth it. Most people just flow on the surface, they go with the flow. Really successful people go against, the stream, they dive into the abyss. If you want to be successful you need to push yourself, you need to dive, sometimes go against everybody else and everything around you.  


Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail – Ralph Waldo Emerson

All you got to do now is make that DECISION. That’s it. You’re running out of time. You can make it happen. You have to do it. It depends on you. Your family depends on you. You need to depend on You. 

You can do better than this. Better than now.

Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss but because they are just like I was for all my life – they aim to low and hit. And some never aim at all. They just survive. They work only to get paid and just as hard as it’s need to keep the job. They get paid just enough to keep on doing it.

To reach your goals, to do something remarkable, something incredible you have got to have faith and ignorance. You have got to believe in yourself, you have got to believe in what you’re doing, in what you have envisioned, you have got to believe in your Journey. You have got to be ignorant enough not to worry about the uncertain. Don’t be worried to fail because failure is inevitable. The uncertainty comes when it’s time for you to get up and take off again.

I can guarantee that after couple days or week from failure you will not regret it. What you will really and deeply regret will be all the attempts you failed to try. Never get used to failure but don’t fear it either.

I’m quite sure that there is something in your life now that seemed to be impossible some tim­e ago? What is it? Is it your relationship? Your college degree? Your job? Loosing 10 kg? Runnin­­­g a marathon? At the beginning it seemed almost impossible but it turned out that it was possible.


We are creators of our life, but when we get overwhelmed during the day, when we feel out of control, we start to being just caretakers of our ­life. We clean the mess a little bit, the floor looks shiny for a moment and then our day storms thru it again. We are insecure and hesitant that the next day may bring the mess we will not be able to clean. We need to take advantage of that uncertainty. World is uncertain. Uncertainty is change.

W­­e don’t have to work on change. Change is automatic. But progress is not. Progress comes when you tell yourself the truth and you’re able to feel the uncertainty but you take action anyway.

Do you have control over your life? How much of your life do you really control? How much your life is steering you?